New Goal!

While most of you make goals on New Year’s, I make mine year round and I have recently come up with a new goal and believe it or not it is not running related. Actually, that’s a lie because it is kind of running related.

The new goal is so simple and something I should be doing anyways and I could do it almost anywhere. Obviously, I am not talking about eating healthier but I need to start doing that too. Apparently, cereal for dinner is not helping me reach my servings of fruits and vegetables. But we’ll work on that another day…

My new goal is to stretch more! Sounds relatively simple but for some reason I am lazy and never stretch. Yes, I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week and train for marathons but am too lazy to stretch. Stretching is sooo easy and I am trying to fit it where I can. Right now most of my stretching takes place in the bathroom at work and at night while watching TV. But if I can get myself up a little earlier in the mornings, I intend to stretch in the mornings as well.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I have misplaced my camera, hopefully it turns up soon.

Anyone have some new goals? Anyone have weird places they stretch?