Cleveland Marathon Training Week 9: Hanging in there

Injury Update: I’m still being annoyed but this pain in my feet BUT I can still run! I cannot run 20 miles but I can run 14. Hopefully my feet get their act together so we can go crush Marathon #12. I broke down this week and parted ways with my Nike’s and welcomed home these babies.


I haven’t worn Asics since I first started distance running in 2006! However, they feel great so far and I look forward to breaking these babies in!

Monday: 3.07 easy miles in the am
Tuesday: SpeedWork, 1 mile WU, 5-800s, 1-400 and 1 mile CD
Wednesday: 3.08 easy miles in the am
Thursday: 1,200 meter swim
Friday: abs and arms
Saturday: 14 mile long run (Jig and Jog 5K in there too)
Sunday: 1 hour spin and rolled dough for a couple hours.

Rolled dough AND I got to hang out with my little sister. (Not so little anymore)
Rolled dough AND I got to hang out with my little sister. (Not so little anymore)

Total Mileage: 25.65

I had not 1 but 2 graston appointments last week and another one this week. Hoping to keep the scar tissue and other junk from building up in my feet. My original training plan had me doing a 20 miler last week but I decided I’d play it safe and run 17. However, the pain was so bad at mile 11 that I decided 14 would have to be it. Fingers crossed for a miracle and a 20 miler soon!

On my runs I try to smile and wave or say good morning to everyone I pass. Sometimes I zone out and forget but 98% of the time I try to say something because I would rather be the one who waved and said good morning than the one who didn’t.

Darling, be daring.

Do you say hi to those you pass on your runs?


Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7: No training season is without injury.

Last week’s training was less than ideal. The heel pain I was dealing with started to get worse. I decided to take some time off running. At this point in my training a week or 2 off will not hurt me, especially if I can keep up with my cross training.

Just to be safe though:

running motivation 7 #injured #runner more motivational quotes on beingfitisfun.com

Monday: 3 easy miles, I wanted 5 but the heels didn’t feel right so I shut running down.
Tuesday: 900 meter swim
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 1000 meter swim and my first graston appointment
Friday: abs and arms
Saturday: 16.2 mile run. (1 mile warm up, 14.4 mile race, 1ish mile cooldown)

Me during the Green Jewel 50K relay!
Me during the Green Jewel 50K relay!

Sunday: Abs and arms

Total Mileage: 19.2

I have to admit that I am a little upset about this minor setback. However, I’m proud of myself for backing off and resting. Running through this injury and making it worse is not the way to go. Resting it and taking care of it, gives me a chance to save my spring marathon.

The injury: Beginning stages of plantar fasciitis. Not super painful but annoyingly agitating. This is my first time dealing with this injury so it’s very new to me.

The plan: Less running. I’m taking my running to 3 days a week for the next couple weeks. If the heels do ok with this, I’ll increase to 4 days a week. My key workouts will be my speedwork and long run. If I can get those in I will be happy.

The Graston Plan: I had some ART done on my calves to loosen them up and Graston on the bottoms of my feet. This was uncomfortable to have done and the next day was very painful but it allowed me to run long and hard on Saturday. It’s crazy the things runners will do to run. I have another appointment for graston this week and I’m a little scared after the last session.

How do you deal with injuries during training? Ever had Graston done?


The most common uncommon running injury.


Let’s go back to October 29th, 2013…about 10 days ago.

Just your normal Tuesday, went to work and then to the track for some speed work. OH! And it was my 30th Birthday! As I got out of the car to walk to the track I felt like I had a side stitch. That would be weird though because I hadn’t even started running yet! Literally, went to work, changed, drove to the track and when I got out of the car I had a side stitch.

I was able to get through my workout but had a side stitch the rest of the day. Wednesday, I woke up with a side stitch. I tried to go for a run and had to turn around after only running .3 miles.

My initial thought was that I somehow pulled something. All day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was in pain but it felt like a side stitch, only on my right side in my ribs. I attempted to run again but the pain got worse the more I ran. I decided to shut down the running since I was planning to run the Towpath Half Marathon.

To pass the time I took pictures of my husband putting up the leg lamp. Our neighbors probably think we are crazy but every November 1st, the leg lamp goes up. Ryan is probably the biggest Christmas Story movie fan you will ever meet.

November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day
November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day

Saturday I had even more pain in my ribs and a sharp stabbing pain in my back. Definitely getting worse but I refused to go to the doctor in hopes that it was a fluke and I could run on Sunday. I had been googling my symptoms and was pretty sure it was appendicitis or gallbladder so I distracted myself and went outlet mall shopping with my Mom and sister.

Ridding the train at the outlet mall
Ridding the train at the outlet mall

Saturday night I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be running my “A” race on Sunday. Yet another race where I trained hard and couldn’t even start the race.

Instead I got to watch Ryan capture a new PR! At least one of us can stay healthy.

Fast Finish
Fast Finish

Monday I finally went to the doctor, after almost a week of being in pain. The doctor told me it’s not gallbladder or appendicitis but costocondritis. I was like, ummm, what? Basically it’s an inflammation in your ribcage. Of course my first question was “How long til it heals?” and my second question was “Can I run?” It could take weeks for it to heal 😦 However, I’ve been cleared to run….if it doesn’t hurt. Sadly it hurts pretty bad so I won’t be running.

I was told this is actually pretty common in runners. “Wait, what? you inflame your ribcage from running?” Exactly my thoughts. Here this whole time I’m worried about feet, knees, legs etc and never imagined you could injure your ribs.

To top it off, I had an allergic reaction on Tuesday at work and my eye swelled up all day Wednesday and Thursday. I CAN’T WIN!!!

I take back everything I ever said about 30 not being so bad.

This guy is a good nurse though!
This guy is a good nurse though!

Anyone else ever have an odd running injury? I know 2 other runners who have also battled rib pain, Emily and Chelsea.


Injury Update

I wish I could tell you that I am all healed and can start running again. Or at least tell you I know exactly what is wrong and when I will be running again. Sadly, I can’t tell you either of those things 😦 All I know is that I am still having IT Band and Piriformis issues, both of which are not getting better with rest, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I am. I can tell you that I never imagined that I would have a “runless” summer and that I would miss all my favorite summer races. It’s crazy to think that I can’t run a single race this summer, yet prior summers I raced every weekend, sometimes twice in one weekend. I even planned vacations and outings with friends and family around races. I was crazy about running….still am.

Hard to believe that last year I ran 5 marathons with little to no problems. Yet this year, I can’t manage to do 1.

Towpath Marathon 2011

I will tell you that, I will get over these injuries and come back stronger. Even though I am not running now, I am still a runner. It’s not just who I am but it is my part of my life.

Disclosure: I promise this will be the only sappy/sorry post I will post. Back to regularly scheduled non sense tomorrow.



I iced.
I rested.
I stretched.
I foam-rolled.
I got massages.
I coated it in icy hot.
I soaked it in epsom salt
I took Aleve/Ibuprofen etc.

Even though I have done all those things, my IT band is still cranky and I still can’t run. To say I am frustrated is an understatement at this point. I had the best training of my life this year. I was easily headed for a 10+ minute PR and re-qualifying for Boston. (This was supposed to be my BBQ, Bagwell Boston Qualifier). This was my year and all the races leading up to it were proving it.

When I first started having issues with my piriformis, I instantly stopped running.I was not messing around and was not going to risk making things worse. However, shortly after that I started having IT band issues.  I rested some more, but I wasn’t giving up. I had put in a good amount of work and was convinced I could still run the marathon; my goal times could still be reached.

Now that the race is just days away, I realize that I can’t run. I haven’t ran in weeks, and haven’t ran pain free in over a month. I have to make a decision on whats best for me and it sucks. I know running with this pain will make it worse and will put me out of commission for a very long time.  This was an extremely tough decision for me to make. For awhile I told myself that I had to at least start the race and give it a shot. Maybe by some miracle my leg would be ok and I could run. If I dropped out that was fine but I had to give it a shot. I had to start. However, the reality is that I can’t. My IT band is not better and still needs a few more weeks to heal.


Sad Logo

So this Sunday, when all my friends are toeing the line for one of the biggest races in Cleveland, I will be on the sidelines. This year I will not run the Cleveland Marathon 😦 I will be somewhere around mile 12 cheering everyone on. I figured this was the best spot so that I could see the full and half runners and still make it to the finish for the marathoners.


If you are going to the expo this weekend, look for The Logo and take a picture and I’ll put it on the blog!

John, Kali and Uncle H with The Logo

Good Luck to everyone racing this year, leave everything out on the course and run a mile for The Logo.

Maybe I’ll even have some #liveclemarathon tweets on Sunday 😉