Here It Is! The Blogger Bake Sale!

Thanks for the graphic Jess!
Thanks for the graphic Jess!

How the Bake Sale will work: (U.S. residents only)

  1. Scroll through the delicious items below.
  2. Once you have decided on an item, email me at mojamala2blog@gmail.com. Give me your name and bid amount in the email! (Do NOT leave your bid amount in the comments section)
  3. Once I receive your bid I will update this page by crossing out the price as it increases to include the new price and the highest bidder.
  4. All items start at $5, after that bids are to increase at least by $1.
  5. The bake sale will run Tuesday January 28th at 8am-Friday January 31st at 3pm. This should give everyone time to get their bids in without having to be glued to the computer.
  6. If you win an item you have bid on, I will email you to let you know. At that time you can make a donation to JFF in the amount of your winning bid and email me your mailing address.
  7. Once the donation/winning bid hits, I’ll have the bake sale item shipped to you!

Here is the delicious list of bake sale items, start your bidding!

Giant Chocolate Chip Softies-By Go Run Jess: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Paulette W.-$25

Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels-By Sarah: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Sarah B.-$10
New Bid-Jessica C.-$15
New Bid-Heather M.-$16
New Bid-Jessica C.-$18


Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies-By Katie: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Nick M.-$10

Double Chocolate Chip Brownies-By Steph: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Emily B.-$12

The Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever-By Melissa: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Christine B.-$10

PeanutButter Cookies

Fluffer Nutter Fudge-By Me!: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-$10
New Bid-Jenny K.-$15

This picture is from but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.
This picture is from Shugary Sweets but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.

“Out of the World” Chocolate Chip Cookies-By Anna: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Lisa L.-$10

Potica/Nutroll-By: Mom and Me!: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Sarah B.-$10
New Bid-Linda-$30

Don't miss out on this item
Don’t miss out on this item

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Turtle Cookies-By Anchored in CLE: Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Sarah B.-$10
New Bid-Why CLE?- $12

     Dark chocolate is combined with sea salt, caramel, and pecans to create this decadent concoction

Dark chocolate is combined with sea salt, caramel, and pecans to create this decadent concoction

The item below is for Locals only! (Cleveland Area and they will be delivered to you! With in 75 miles of Rocky River!) 

24 Beautiful Cupcakes and you can even pick your own flavor!-By Amy- Starting Bid $5
New Bid-Kelly H.-$15
New Bid-Heather M.-$16
New Bid-Kelly H.-$20

Crowd favorite flavors include:

Chocolate peanut butter
Choc chip cookie dough
Lemon blueberry
Chocolate strawberry
Maple bacon

Just check out a sample of the pictures below!

IMG_61202685361235 fac301cf9b79f6daef82b0e9e90e3aa0 e41345dd3710ff85d9796e2dbd05959f

Thank you all to all the bakers who are donating their item and the cost of shipping. You guys are awesome and huge hearts!

If baked goods are not your thing then check out our beer raffle we have going on. The beer raffle is for locals since you have to pick up them items in person.


A New Element to Our Jordan’s Family Foundation Fundraiser: A Beer Raffle

For every $10 donated, you get one entry into a raffle in which you can win 1 of 10 prizes! You will need to e-mail Ryan at ryanmccartney319@gmail.com so that we know that you want to be entered in the raffle. Some of you guys already donated, and that is just fine.

If you already donated and want to be in the raffle, just contact Ryan at ryanmccartney319@gmail.com and we will make sure that you receive the correct # of entries. The drawing will occur on Wednesday, February 12th, in case you want the beer for a Valentine’s Day celebration. You must be able to meet us somewhere near the Cleveland-area to claim your prize if you win.

Bodhi dreams about you entering the raffle.
Bodhi dreams about you entering the raffle.

Here are the prizes:

Prize 1: 4-pack of 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout and 1 bottle of 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine
Prize 2: 4-pack of 2013 Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th
Prize 3: $25 gift card to the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights
Prize 4: 1 bottle of Founders Sweet Repute (Backstage Series release that missed OH due to ABV) and 1 bottle of Batch #1 Epic Big Bad Baptist (thanks to John Fay for donating this one!)
Prize 5: 1 bottle each of Prairie Noir and Vanilla Noir
Prize 6: 2 bottles of 2014 Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout
Prize 7: 1 bottle of Cigar City Illuminating the Path (El Catador exclusive)
Prize 8: 1 bottle each of 2012 Founders KBS, 2012 Alesmith Speedway Stout, Batch 100 Hoppin’ Frog BORIS (with English pale malt instead of American malt)
Prize 9: 1 bottle of Perennial Heart of Gold
Prize 10: 1 bottle of New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

The link to donate is here.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!



Calling All Bakers: I Need Your Help For A Virtual Foundraiser!

A few years ago Running Ricig did a bake sale fundraiser that has yet to leave my memory. I always thought the idea of it was great but probably very time consuming. Well after years of thinking about his “bake sale” I’m biting the bullet and doing one myself. I’m happy to say I already have some awesome bakers on the list. Hi Mom!

Don’t kill me for posting this picture!

If you’ve been dying to try one of the poticas (nutrolls), that my Mom and I bake, you’ll finally have your chance. Unless Ryan out bids you.

This was a picture of one as my Mom was turning them in the oven.

The Virtual Blog Bake Sale will start on a Monday and end on a Friday to ensure you have plenty of time to bid. It will also give the bakers time to bake on the weekend and ship soon.  I promise you this doesn’t sound as crazy as it actually is.

I have been obsessed with making fudge lately so I’ll probably make some Fluffer Nutter Fudge for the bake sale. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit. aka more marshmallows.

This picture is from but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.
This picture is from Shugary Sweets but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.

What I need from you:


I’m asking that you bake a dish (or two if you want), here is your chance to show off those cookies, brownies, breads, fudge, marshmallows, vegan, gluten free, macaroons etc. Send me the name of what you will be baking, short description and picture are optional but helpful. I’ll post all the bake sale items on the blog. If you have a link to the recipe on your blog let me know so I can link to it.

I’ll open the bidding on the blog and when the sale is over, I’ll let you know so you can start baking and mail the item to the winner. (yes, you’ll be responsible for shipping charges but they shouldn’t be much) USPS has flat rate boxes, if it fits, it ships! (Thanks Sarah!)


I’ll need you to keep an eye on the site and bid on your favorite items. You’ll email me your bids, that way I have easy access to get your address if you win! I’ll be sure to update the bids throughout the day. The winning bidder makes their donation directly to Jordan’s Family Foundation and once it is received the volunteer bakers can send their goodies. All bids will start at $5.

So Bakers, email me at mojamala2blog@gmail.com and Bidders stay tuned, you’re clearly the real winners in this!

I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a fundraiser. It’s like a heart racing rush. Once I have my list of bakers, I’ll pick a date and get this thing started!

Disclosure: This is for U.S. only to save on shipping costs.


I Love My Jawbone (UP)

For my birthday this year (way back in October) I received the incredible gift of a Jawbone. No not the one on your face but one you wear on your wrist.

Like this

IMG_3402I saw these in a magazine over the summer and thought they were so cool and sleek looking. Little did I know that, showing my husband how cool they are, would mean I’d get one for my birthday months later!

Variety of colors
Variety of colors

Oh what do they do? Well, basically it’s like a really fancy pedometer. EXCEPT, it tracks all of your steps for the day, you can track food with it, log other workouts besides steps, you can sync it to your iphone, connect it to apps, customize it to vibrate when you’ve been idle, set it to track your sleep and set it to wake you up in the morning.

IMG_3401Not bad for a really fancy pedometer.

3 of my 4 alarms
3 of my 4 alarms

If you are worried you’ll sleep through the alarms, you won’t. You will wake up the person next to you though. Sorry Ryan!

My active stats
My active stats

I’m only slighly majorly obsessed with this product. I have no problems wearing it, easy to take on and off, no clips or clasps like a watch. It is never at risk to fall off either. It sits perfectly on your wrist. It’s water proof so I don’t have to take it off, although I do take it off to shower to to go to the pool

My sleep stats
My sleep stats


  • Long battery life. Can go 10 days before needing to be charged. I charge mine once a week for 1 hour.
  • Can get it wet
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Plugs directly into your iphone!
  • Syncs to My Fitness Pal, Run Keeper and many other apps!
  • Tracks sleep and wakes you up
  • Makes you move more with the idle alerts
  • Makes you move more with being excited to see your stats
  • You can set goals like to drink a certain amount of water, it will even remind you throughout the day.
The end cap comes off to plug into your phone or to charge on the computer.


  • It doesn’t tell time. This is confusing for me because I wear it on my wrist so I feel like it should. However, I guess this makes it easier to disguise if you wear it with bangle bracelet’s.

Anyone have a Jawbone Up? FitBit? Nike FuelBand? All great ways to track and keep your fitness goals motivating.


Have you donated to Jordan’s Family Foundation yet? You can do so here! We have this CRAZY goal to raise $500 in 5 days and that is today (We need$23 to meet that)! Don’t worry though we’ll be fundraising through the end of May.

Not ready to donate yet but still want to help, I’m working on a virtual blogger bake sale. Let me know if you want to help (you don’t have to be local and you don’t have to be a blogger)!!!! Email me at mojamala2blog@gmail.com Yes, I haven’t changed my email yet.


Ryan and I are so happy to announce that

We are fundraising for Jordan’s Family Foundation (JFF) this running season!

In the past, Ryan has raised over $3,000 for this awesome, local foundation and I couldn’t wait to join him. Together we are running the Green Jewel 50K relay, then Ryan is returning to run the Boston Marathon and I will be running the Cleveland Marathon.

Healthy Starts, Happy Hearts, Ryan and Jess Making it Happen!

We are so excited to be able to have the opportunity to fundraise for such an amazing organization. We are even more excited to actually know and love the family who started this organization.

Please read the except below from Corey Rossen the Jordan’s Family Foundation President to gain some information on this foundation.

Jordan’s Family Foundation was created when we learned that our daughter, Jordan, was born with a heart defect.  After learning of Jordan’s condition, we met with our “team” of doctors and scoured the internet for as much information as we could obtain, we realized two staggering facts:  one, Congenital Heart Diseases, though not widely acknowledged, are the most common birth defect, and two, very little money is dedicated to the research of Congenital Heart Diseases.  We decided to begin raising awareness and money for the research and education of congenital heart disease, with a focus on pediatrics.  Since that time, we have also discovered that our son, Dawson, was born with a completely different heart condition.  Neither our son nor daughter’s conditions are genetic disorders, they are simply a part of the staggering statistic that nearly 1 in 100 children are born with heart disease.
Jordan's Family Foundation
Jordan’s Family Foundation
In the past two years Jordan has undergone massive open heart surgery, the first of multiple surgeries.  Dawson underwent surgery after having collapsed at a friend’s birthday party.  His condition is curable while Jordan will face her heart condition for her entire life.  These surgeries and medical advancements have all been made possible by the research and education that has occurred in the past.  Current and future discoveries are made through contributions and the funding of research programs from individuals and organizations such as Jordan’s Family Foundation.
Hi Jordan!
Hi Jordan!
Through the years JFF, a member of the United Way as a designated charity for Health and Human Services and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), has been fortunate enough to raise enough money to donate nearly $80,000 to many organizations.  These organizations include the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Cardiac Research Division, American Heart Association, Ronald McDonald House, the Congenital Heart Information Network and Flying Horse Farms (a division of the Hole in the Wall Gang Charities).
JFF also conducts community events such as Fitness Fits Everyone! (where more than 3500 people join together to learn about eating healthy, being active and having fun), host a children’s biathlon event, participates in the Healthy Family Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns, has spoken at the American Heart Association’s Go Red! For Women campaign events, sponsored Hockey for a Healthy Heart with the Lake Erie Monsters, coordinates  “Red Out, Fighting Heart Disease is a Real Sport” and have had interactive and informative booths at local children’s events such as “Meet the Trucks” and Walk-n-Roll Lakewood.

Now if could things could get any better. Not only has Jordan been through heart surgery but she has joined her school’s cross country team! Ryan and I went to cheer her on this year and you have not lived until you have watched grade school cross country. Jordan really impressed us with how well she tackled a hilly course and smiled each time she passed us.

Please consider a donation to this wonderful cause. No matter how big or small, we are extremely grateful for every bit we can raise.

Visit our page, Healthy Starts, Happy Hearts, Ryan and Jess Making it Happen!