Wait, can we go back in time?

I knew the past couple months that the month of March was going to be really busy for me. I prepared myself as best I could but lost my steam pretty quickly. I was prepared to be busy and not have much of a life, I was not prepared to be completely exhausted. Some days I woke up early and got my workout in then. Other days, I was working from home so that I could squeeze in a run during my lunch hour. The rest of the days I was resting because I burnt the candle at both ends and the candle disappeared.

“burn the candle at both ends is an idiom meaning to exhaust oneself, esp by being up late and getting up early to work; to work extremely or excessively hard; to work too hard for good health or peace of mind. Worsened by also “partying hard” on top of working hard



Sunday –  Orange Theory 3.1 miles and 0 splat points, then went to the gym to run 5 more miles on the treadmill
Monday  Rest
Tuesday –  Outside – 1 mile WU, 2×3 miles, .25 recovery, 1 mile CD – 8.2 miles @8:15 pace
Wednesday – Strength Training and Stretching
Thursday – Inside 7 miles @8:07 pace – I think this was supposed to be a tempo but who knows.
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Outside – 3 Miles easy @8:52 pace

Total Mileage: 21.35


Sunday – Outside -20 miles @8:44 pace.
Monday  – Rest Day
Tuesday –  Rest Day
Wednesday – Inside – 3 Miles @8:48 pace
Thursday – Outside – 1 mile WU, 3×2 miles, .25 recovery, 1 mile CD – 8.5 miles @8:17 pace
Friday – Inside – 1 mile WU, 5@tempo, 1 mile CD 7 miles @8:09 pace
Saturday – Inside – Inside – 7 miles @8:53 pace

Total Mileage: 45.5


Sunday –Rest
Monday – Orange Theory – 1.5 miles during class
Tuesday –  1 mile WU, 2×2 miles, .25 recovery and .25 CD – I was really crunched for time this day. 5.5 miles @8:11 pace
Wednesday – Orange Theory – 2 miles during class – I cheated a little in this class so I could get my heart rate up. Instead of the .25 intervals, I did .35. I’m such a rebel! I earned 3 splat points though.
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Rest Day

Total Mileage: 9

So I would like to go back in time to rearrange my schedule. Not to get in all the workouts I missed but so I could get workouts in that are much shorter. I think I stressed about getting workouts in and I think that added to my exhaustion. Looking back at my month, I can honestly say I did what I could, with the time I had and I am happy knowing that. I probably stressed out more than I needed.

I had some scary hamstring issues at the end of last week that I was pretty sure was going to end my spring marathons. I tried really hard to remain calm and took extra rest days. While I may have had to miss getting my last long run in, I do have a much happier hamstring. Sometimes you push through the pain and sometimes you rest.



Flash Back 16 Years

Does anyone else just want to jump into Stars Hollow and live there?

Oh and Stars Hollow is an actual place you can visit. Kind of.


Yeah, that’s right, I started watching Gilmore Girls. From the very beginning but why now?

Honestly, I’ve never really been interested in the show until they came out with the follow up “A Day in the Life.” This show came out when I was a sophomore in high school so it’s a fun little flash back in time. Fun Fact: I’ve never watched Dawson’s Creek or My So Called Life either.

I can’t believe how well this show aged! I have a crush on Luke but wonder if that is because I am watching the show while I am in my 30’s. Would I have a crush on Dean or Tristan if I watched this when I was 16?


Oh who am I kidding, I’ve had a crush on Chad Michael Murray since I started watching One Tree Hill. I was late to the One Tree Hill party as well but only by about 2 years so I only had a couple seasons to catch up on.

So no spoilers, I’m only on Season 1 and only watched a couple episodes but I have been completely hooked after 1 episode.



Spoiled Pup

I’ve managed to stay fairly healthy so far for 2014, we are still 13 days in so keep your fingers crossed. Let’s not discuss the allergic reaction I had to chapstick yesterday and today.

However, Bodhi has not stayed so healthy. Not only did he break his leg on the first day of the year but he also got neutered and then got a hard cast on. (his first cast was just to hold him over for a few days.)

Signing him out.
Signing him out.

He’s a little drugged in that picture.

Really Mom?
Really Mom?

After he broke his leg, I bought him a new bed because his other 2 were not cutting it. Or maybe it’s just because he’s spoiled. He can get in and out a lot easier with the new bed. Even if his cast does get caught on it.

Snow day cuddles
Snow day cuddles

Ryan had lots of snow days so Bodhi had lots of cuddle time.

Sleeping positions
Sleeping positions

He’s discovered sleeping on his back while smashed between my legs is the best position for him. He can rest his cast on my leg like this.


I thought most toys would be out of his reach for awhile but instead he manages to get to them inside his cone. I thought he would be a baby about the cone but he seems to think it’s normal. Thankfully he only needs to keep it on for 10 more days.

Baby Blanket?
Baby Blanket?

If Ryan and I weren’t spoiling him enough, the in-laws bought him a baby blanket this weekend.

Bodhi Blanket!
Bodhi Blanket!

10 days til Bodhi gets the cone off and 7 weeks til he gets the cast off.


Christmas Was 5 Days Ago And I’ve Just Now Recovered

Just kidding, my mind is still on vacation/Christmas/sugar cookie mode.

Bodhi's 1st Christmas
Bodhi’s 1st Christmas

Bodhi had no problem opening his Christmas presents Christmas morning. Santa only brought him 2 toys but his Aunt Lisa gave him 2 toys as well. I think Bodhi is more of a baby than a puppy sometimes.

After Ryan and I exchanged presents we headed out for our Christmas morning run. The neighborhood must officially think we are crazy. Before we knew it we were off to visit friends and family for the day. (I may have squeezed in some Call of Duty before we left)

My sister talked us into playing a new game called Blink. It took me a few games to figure out because it is very fast paced but it was a blast and I look forward to playing it again soon. I have yet to play cards against humanity but I have played blink, I’m clearly in the cool kids club.


Ryan took his annual nap at my Mom’s house. He passes out just after presents, I’m sure he loves that I document it.

I gave my Mom’s pups matching sweaters this year. They love wearing clothes. (I’m being serious). Farmer Dave was brushing the dogs, incase that picture looks a little weird.

IMG_3227 IMG_3220

My sister changed her clothes multiple times on Christmas morning, almost always to a different set of pajamas. I need to start doing that. We also had the annual Christmas trifle. We came up with that tradition a few years ago and I’m really glad it stuck around. Just wish there was a way to have trifle leftovers.

                   IMG_3226 IMG_3222

My family and Ryan’s family live exactly 30 minutes from us but in the opposite directions. So we only have a 30 minute drive to get to my Mom’s but when we leave to go to his parent’s house we have an hour drive ahead of us. It’s a lot of driving but always worth it to spend time with our family.

My FIL is slightly in love with Bodhi
My FIL is slightly in love with Bodhi

The In laws love Bodhi so much they even got him an ornament! They also let us bring him over which is nice so we don’t have to leave him home alone on the holidays.

Too cute!
Too cute!

While we didn’t tap into this bottle of grey goose, look how big it is!


It was a long and early day so Bodhi couldn’t hold his head up any longer.

“Can we go home? I’m sleepy”

Before we knew it he was passed out in “Grandpa’s” arms. As if he needed to melt his heart any more.

IMG_3236I’m so happy to have so many amazing people in my life (and not just Bodhi, although he is cute).

Creepy tired picture of us
Creepy tired picture of us



My Husband Lied and Kept Secrets From Me!

A few months ago I mention to Ryan that the patio at Rozi’s Wine House is one of my favorite places in Lakewood. Little did I know, that would send a light bulb off in Ryan’s head on where to host a surprise birthday party for me.

This guy, not sure how he did it.
This guy, not sure how he did it.

To get me to Rozi’s he told me they were going to have a special beer on tap. The plan was to stop at Rozi’s for a drink and then he was taking me out for an early birthday dinner.

Pink and Green Birthday cake
Pink and Green Birthday cake

I totally bought his “plan” because last year he took me out for an early birthday dinner! Perhaps he took me out to an early dinner last year to fool me this year….it worked.

He wouldn’t tell me where dinner was, it was supposed to be a surprise (which he did last year too) but told me jeans would be fine. All day I was battling a cold and I think I worried Ryan that I might be too sick to go. He was so nervous that he had to leave for a couple hours to get away from me.

While he was gone I got a few texts to remind me that we were leaving at 6. In my head I was like “sheesh where are we going that we have such a strict reservation.” “Do they have something special on the menu?” “Crab po boys?” “conch fritters?”

Post surprise with my cousins
Post surprise with my cousins

As I started to get dressed I had a girl moment and suddenly had nothing to wear. I started texting my cousin what I was wearing to see what she thought. Little did I know that my cousin was on her way to the surprise party and was laughing that I was texting her, not knowing I would see her soon!

I found out earlier in the day that the beer on tap at Rozi’s was Columbus Brewing Super Fresh Hop. One of my favorite beers that always go fast in the Cleveland area. However, when we got to Rozi’s, Ryan said there was another beer on tap too but it was a surprise. He didn’t want me to see it on the chalk boards so he tried to cover my eyes but practically poked my eyes out so he had me cover my eyes instead.

As he walked me in I could hear people talking, Rozi’s gets pretty busy on Saturday nights and I was kind of embarrassed that he was making me cover my eyes. I was like “these people all think I’m a weirdo” but Ryan said to cover my eyes so I did. I noticed he walked me past the bar and onto the patio. I thought it was kind of weird but thought maybe he wanted me to sit down and he was going to bring me a beer. Next thing I know, I hear SURPRISE!

The Moms!
The Moms!
The Grandmas
The Grandmas!

The most confusing thing about a surprise party is you have no idea it is coming and when you open your eyes it’s so confusing to see all these people you know!

The BFFs
The BFFs
The Sister-My Mom wouldn't let me talk to her all week because she was afraid she would give it away.
The Sister-My Mom wouldn’t let me talk to her all week because she was afraid she would give it away.

Ryan threw me an awesome surprise party and it makes turning 30 today just a little bit easier. I still don’t know how Ryan was able to pull it off and me not have a clue. I know he had help from our family and friends but still a lot of small details that he was able to hide from me.



Special thanks too all of my friends and family for celebrating with me, this easily goes down as my favorite birthday.

We even stopped at Deagans for beers, fries and a sweet potato sundae afterwards. #imspoiled

Sweet Potatoe Sundae at Deagans
Sweet potato Sundae at Deagans

Have you ever had a surprise Birthday party or thrown one?



Labor Day Weekend and Bodhi’s first race

It’s a 2 blog post kind of day because I have a million things to blog about! I still have a couple wedding recaps coming, homeymoon recaps, another race recap and a dinner recap.

Usually my Labor Day weekends consist of lots of running, cookouts and very busy plans. This year was very different. I had maybe one thing every day but nothing too crazy.

Friday-Stayed in and went to bed early.

Found s'mores waffles at Target!
Found s’mores waffles at Target!

Saturday-5 mile race, hot and humid and then went shopping with my BFF.

Sunday-Went for a nice run and got to run the last mile and a half with Ryan. Then we headed to Fairlawn for the Food Trucks and then we went to get somethings off our registry. It was a very productive Sunday.

The Orange Truk is a favorite of mine. Awesome tacos and balls. However, I tried out the sushi truck and was not disappointed.
The Orange Truk is a favorite of mine. Awesome tacos and balls. However, I tried out the sushi truck and was not disappointed.

Monday-Went for another run before heading up to the Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest is in town all weekend and always a favorite to go to. Delish food, music, dancing, a 5K (which I didn’t run) AND WEINER DOG RACES.

The barn where the races happen.
The barn where the races happen.

They have multiple categories for the weiner dogs, puppies, adult. senior and special needs. It was so cool seeing the different kinds of weiner dogs.

Bodhi making friends with a HUGE dog.
Bodhi making friends with a HUGE dog.

I think Bodhi had a little too much excitement before his race. Everyone wanted to stop and see him and other dogs wanted to say hello. By the time it was his turn to race, he fell asleep! It was about 10 minutes before the race so we thought maybe it was a short nap.

Ryan and Bodhi at the starting gates.
Ryan and Bodhi at the starting gates.

Bodhi had no issue getting in the gate but when the gate went up, Bodhi just stayed there. All the other dogs ran but not Bodhi. Bodhi will forever be known as the dog who didn’t run. He may have had his first ever DNS/DNF (Did not start/Did not finish) but he definitely won everyone’s attention with his cuteness.

After the Oktoberfest, we headed over to a friends house for a last minute cookout. They even invited Bodhi to come with us.

Bodhi kissing the baby!
Bodhi kissing the baby!
Bodhi checking out Lulu
Bodhi checking out Lulu

Bodhi took multiple mini naps throughout the day but when we got home he was knocked out.

One tired teenie weenie.
One tired teenie weenie.

The long and relaxing weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge for a short work week.

What are your favorite things to do on labor day weekend?


My Lovely Bridal Shower: Part 2

If you missed it, you can find Part 1 here.

Seriously, I am not sure how I remained so calm with everything going on. I decided that since I wasn’t hyperventilating or dizzy that I would go to the shower but would leave immediately if I had to. I called Ryan to give him the good news that I was on my way!

picture oftheguests moreguests

I knew I was late to my own shower but I thought to myself, “Who really comes right at 2pm anyways?” I figured by the time I got there only a few guests would be there. Ryan met me in the driveway and I asked “Are there a lot of people here?” I expected him to say “No” or “Just a few”. Instead he told me “Everyone is here.”

This was hanging at the bottom of the driveway. Loved it!
This was hanging at the bottom of the driveway. Loved it!

So my plan to get to my shower early, take pictures of how nicely everything was set up, help with any finishing touches, take pictures with my family, bridesmaids and guests and to greet my guests went out the window. How do you personally greet all your guests when they are already seated and waiting on you to show up? Very awkward.

Cute pic but you can see how tired and not well I was feeling ;(
Cute pic but you can see how tired and not well I was feeling ;(

I did try to snap a couple pictures real quick. The rest I stole from my bridesmaids and mom.

This cake should probably say "Soon to be Jessica & Ryan McCartney" or "The Future Jessica & Ryan McCartney" but I'll let it slide since it is us running :)
This cake should probably say “Soon to be Jessica & Ryan McCartney” or “The Future Jessica & Ryan McCartney” but I’ll let it slide since it is us running 🙂

Beautiful centerpieces that my cousin/MOH/Ashley made. (She even let me take them home to use for the rehearsal dinner).

So perfect!
So perfect!

And here are adorable favors that were marshmallows (one of my favorite snacks) on a stick to use to make s’mores that were set up in the garage/food area. Besides one of our favorite pictures on it, the words underneath said

“Much like chocolate and marshmallows, when they are separate, Jess and Ryan are great…But when you put them together, they are perfect!”

Shower Favors
Shower Favors

Since we were late, I went and said hi to my bridesmaids, moms, grandmas and anyone else I could real quick. And I mean, like real quick! We were on a schedule and I was late (and starving) so Ashley made sure we were the first to eat. Plus she needed to steal Ryan away to work on some games that were coming up. Ashley and I never discussed games but she knows me well and follows all my Pinterest stuff to know exactly what I would want. I’ll share the games in a short part 3 post.

IMG_1877 IMG_1886 IMG_1885

I didn’t get to snap a picture of all the food and desserts we had but my Mom did snap a picture of the chickens my step-dad cooked for the party. They were delish!

Dave's Chickens
Dave’s Chickens

This is where things start to get blurry. Nerves, plus asthma attack, plus super shaky from asthma meds, plus I don’t even know! I think we played 2 games real quick and then started opening our gifts.

opening stuff

While I would love to share all the gifts our family and friends gave us, it would make one really long blog post so I am sharing just this one. It was a gift that my Mom said was for Ryan to open. He reached in the gift bag and pulled out a chef’s hat and apron. There is a special joke about the apron, that I won’t mention to keep the blog PG. Ryan showed the crowd and was a trooper and put on the chef’s hat for everyone.

TrooperI must have misunderstood my Mom when she said the gift was for Ryan. I sat back and was enjoying watching him open up the gift…until he started to open something that I thought was maybe silk boxers.

"Hmm what could this be?"
“Hmm what could this be?”

Kinda weird but I thought maybe it was a joke until I realized it was a little girly for boxers and realized IT WAS LINGERIE!!!! By lingerie, I mean sexy nightgown. A little different from my soccer shorts and old race shirts. The best part is, my little sister picked it out!

"That's enough, let's put that away"
“That’s enough, let’s put that away” “You are hilarious Mom”

We are beyond blessed with awesome friends and family who spoiled us for our wedding shower. We loved all of our gifts! But really, we loved just being able to have all of our friends and family together before the big day. I loved being able to look out and see all the people who love us so much.

IMG_1875 Jessand MP MeLisaandLuke

The good news is Ryan was absolutely amazing and stole all the ladies hearts, like usual. And my cousin/MOH/Ashley threw me the most perfect and beautiful shower. It was 100% the shower that I wanted…minus that whole asthma attack part. I couldn’t have put on a better shower myself. Ashley really outdid herself and did it with a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old.

Her 2.5 year old is my ring bearer! From the day he was born I wanted him in my wedding.

IMG_1881Her 2 month old is very close to getting stolen by me…

JessandLukeAshley-Thank you so much for throwing us such an awesome bridal shower. I know it was a crazy day, but you were so awesome. I am very lucky to have you as my leading lady for my wedding.

Seriously, hands down the best person in the wold.
Seriously, hands down the best person in the wold.

My Lovely Bridal Shower: Part 1

Sunday morning, I woke up easily at 6am and put on my running clothes to head out for nice easy run. I ran 16 miles the day before so I was just looking to keep the legs fresh.  So, I went out for an easy 4 miles. I would have gladly done 6-8, but it was hot and I didn’t want to overdo it. When I got home, I showered, worked on some wedding stuff, and did a couple things around the house.  It was barely 8am! I love waking up early and getting things done so early.

I was a little tired, though, so I ran down to Dunkin’ Donuts for my usual: Iced hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. I went home and debated going to church, but decided that with such a long day ahead of me that I would relax at home, drink my coffee and paint my nails. I even texted my cousin/MOH to tell her “I feel like I just did a dry run of my wedding morning. Up early, run, shower, coffee and then head to the salon to get ready. hahaha lol I’m a crazy person.” Thank God she loves me and deals with my crazy texts.

Not long after I got home from Dunkin’ Donuts, I realized my breathing was getting bad. I had a mini asthma attack last weekend and was having trouble breathing Saturday night, so I was kind of used to it. I remained calm, continued to drink my coffee, took my inhaler and some allergy meds, and waited for something to kick in.

2 hours later, my breathing started to get really bad.  So, I headed to the Urgent Care Center hoping to get a breathing treatment and head to my bridal shower. Luckily, on a Sunday afternoon the place was dead. Of course I was all dressed up for my shower and I told them I was supposed to be there soon. They immediately got my paperwork and got me into a room so the doctor could see me. I was still pretty calm and just concentrating on breathing. I sent out a few texts to let some people know my status and was pretty confident I would be in and out in no time.

The doctor came in and almost immediately got me going on a breathing treatment machine.

IMG_1872I made a joke when I posted this picture on Instagram asking if my hair was ok. I finished the breathing treatment and still was  not breathing any better. This is when the doctor started talking about my options and about going to the E.R. So, I started crying. I don’t even know why I was crying. At this point I couldn’t breathe and wasn’t even concerned about missing the shower. I think I was more concerned in trying to decide if I should go to the E.R. or not. I wasn’t hyperventilating or wheezing but I definitely was not breathing normally and was afraid at any moment it was going to be a full on attack.

Eventually, the doctor decided to give me a steroid shot (in my butt!!! holy ouch!!!) and called in a new inhaler to see if that would work. If it didn’t, I had to go to the E.R. immediately. He even looked up the closest E.R.’s that were close to my shower location so that if I needed to go, I knew where the closest one was. Before I left, I was a mess, and was starting to hyperventilate from crying and breathing. I was told to limit my talking for the day. Ummm yeah, that’s kind of hard when you are the center of attention at a shower. Once they calmed me down, they let me leave, but said they were calling to check on me in a few hours and needed me to answer to give them an update. If I went to the E.R. I needed to call and let them know as well. I think I gave them a pretty good scare.

Is it possible to register for a new set of lungs? I’ll take 2

Immediately when I left the Urgent Care I called Ryan to give him an update. I could already tell by his voice that he was worried. The update wasn’t the greatest but the plan was to remain calm, pick up my inhaler, go home, and wait 20 minutes to see if I calmed down and if I could breathe. I told Ryan to call my Mom to fill her in and fill in my cousin/MOH who was having quite the stressful day. I also was in serious need of fixing my makeup.

The time was now 1:45pm and my lovely shower was slated to start at 2pm…on the other side of town. What had started out as such a nice, normal, relaxing morning had spiraled into complete craziness and a chance that I wouldn’t make my own bridal shower. Going through my mind was: “What happens if I can’t make my own shower?” “Will Ryan take over for me?” “Will Ryan have to meet me at the E.R.?” “Will the guests have lunch, mingle and call it a day?” “Am I the worst bride ever?” “AM I REALLY GOING TO MISS THIS PERFECT BRIDAL SHOWER THAT MY COUSIN/MOH IS THROWING US?”

In the meantime, Ryan was at the shower, greeting guests, attempting to remain calm and told my mother and close friends “My worst nightmare is that she won’t make it and I’ll have to open presents by myself up there.”

To think that days before my only concern was a chance of rain or a thunderstorm that was predicted.


Erie Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2

Nothing like starting off a new training plan with being sick, having to skip a long run and rearranging your training plan. I’ve combined training weeks 1 and 2 because they were both crazy. I imagined that this would be an interesting training cycle since I am nearing the end of wedding planning, getting married and going on a honeymoon. I didn’t imagine getting sick the first week.

Week 1: Sick and skipped long run 😦

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 30 Minute spin & conditioning
Wednesday: Speedwork, 1 mile WU, 8-400s, 1.5 mile CD. I thought 400s might be easier than 800s and change up my speedwork for a week. I was wrong, they were really hard.
Thursday: 3 miles before work, 4 miles after
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 5K and 1.5 mil WU, ran 2 more miles on the treadmill=6 total for the day

Just about to lose the lead
Just about to lose the lead

Sunday: 6 mile run. Supposed to be a long run and ended up being too sick 😦

Total Mileage: 23.5

Week 2: Sick, spa day and IT band problems

Monday: Rest/slept all day because I thought I had strep throat and was dying
Tuesday: Still sick but ran 5 miles on the treadmill.
Wednesday: Went to the spa after work to use a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. Played flag football and didn’t mess up my pedi.
Thursday: 25 min spin before work, 6 mile run, sand vball game.
Friday: 2 mile run in the morning, followed by 3 sets of 10 burpees & 30 second plank. My favorite workout to do last week.

New Workout
New Workout

Saturday: 12 mile run. I wanted to do 14-16 but my IT band was bothering my from mile 4 on so I cut it short instead of making it worse. I followed it up a 2 hour bike ride. We rode our bikes to breakfast on Saturday.

Breakfast at BonBon
Breakfast at BonBon

Sunday: 3.33 mile run by myself, 2.3 mile run with Ryan on some trails, an hour and 20 minute bike ride and lots of kolo dancing. My calves are killing me today!

Kolo Dancing
Kolo Dancing

Total Mileage: 30.63

I’m taking today as a rest day and hopefully making my IT band less cranky and then hitting the track for some speedwork tomorrow. Assuming the IT band behaves itself, I’m planning on running a half marathon this weekend.


Wedding Update: I’ve been a busy girl.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how everything is turning out and how well planned everything is going so far. My plan “get as much as I can done early in the year” plan is working out perfectly. Next weekend will be my 6 week mark, which according to wedding planning sites and timelines, things get kinda crazy. Instead, I have it all under control.

However, instead of stressing out about invitations, assembling, addressing, stamping, etc. I did a little bit here and there and before I knew it I was done! They were completed about a month before they actually needed to go out.

Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
The whole invitation set
The whole invitation set

And before anyone thinks I am completely crazy and hole punched a million holes to make the belly band (belly band=thingy that hold the invitation and pieces together). I had this nifty hole puncher and punched it on about 2 inch strips of paper. TaDa!

Nifty hole puncher
Nifty hole puncher

Then they had to sit on the floor for a month because I didn’t want to mail them too early.

That's a lot of invites.
That’s a lot of invites.

Other things that have been completed are:

  • Flower Girl dress ordered and after having to switch vendors. I love the second dress even more.
  • Changed our first dance song but I’ll explain that in another post.
  • Bridesmaids dresses are in! I never really had a chance to see them in person until they were in and I love them. phew! They are pink, obviously, but I didn’t know if they would be hot pink, purply pink or coral pink. They are perfect and exactly what I pictured.
  • Finally, decided on a guest book, one that made my Mother and I both happy. (I really liked the finger print ones but she did not. With over 400 guests it’s kind of hard to do anyways)
  • Ryan and I picked out church music and started picking out “must play” songs for the DJ. Personal favorites are “Shout” and “Footloose”. Although, I talked Ryan into adding “Low” and “Country Grammar”. Hopefully those are played after the Bakas leave.
  • Picked out wedding bands. It was a lot easier than I expected. We both knew exactly what we wanted.
  • I had my first dress fitting and fell in love with my dress all over again. I especially love it bustled and I had no idea how the bustle would look when I ordered the dress. I did discover that the jewelry I planned on wearing didn’t really go. Good thing I took my jewelry with me to try on with my dress.
  • Found a ring bearer pillow! I didn’t want one of the tradition satin pillows and almost didn’t have a pillow instead. After searching on Etsy, I found one that I love! However, I am not going to show you til the wedding. I’m mean like that.
  • I got my shoes. It took me awhile to find a pair I liked and I was very limited. I needed a 2-3/4 length heel because that’s what I was measured in when I ordered my dress. I also needed them to be pink, which I couldn’t find so I had them dyed. They are perfect. Contact Parisxox on Etsy if you want yours done. Very fast turn around. Local shops in the area wanted me to buy their shoes to dye but they didn’t have the heel height I needed.
  • I found a cute mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift also on etsy. Pretty sure the gift will make them both cry but it’s really cute.
  • Garter-Found on Etsy. Think antique/bling.
  • Bridesmaids gifts-parts of them I got on Etsy but can’t give it away because some of my bridesmaids read this!

Are you seeing the Etsy trend here. I found so many great wedding items there. I was looking for some special touches and to make the wedding a little different from a traditional wedding.

Coming up next:

  • Picking out readings for mass and meeting with the priest one last time before the rehearsal.
  • Last dress fitting and hair and make-up trial. I’m doing them on the same day so I’ll have an idea what I’ll look like on our wedding day.
  • Wedding Shower– my cousin/matron of honor is absolutely amazing. If she didn’t have kids of her own I’d owe her my first born.
  • Finishing my “cork project“. Yet another thing I won’t show you til after the wedding but very exciting about this added touch.
  • Adding ribbon to the bubbles. I actually almost forgot about the bubbles! The bubbles were cheaper without ribbons so I bought my own and am tying them on.
  • Ripping out my hair. Oops I mean making the seating chart. Just waiting on all the RSVPs to start that one.
  • Bachelorette Party-Another huge thanks to my MOH for this one. Ashley, if you ever need a kidney, lung or anything else I have a double of, it’s all yours. You Rock!
  • Ceremony Programs-Hoping to start these next week after we meet with the priest.

Am I forgetting anything? I still need my something blue and something borrowed but I’m working on it.

Reception last dance song, fast or slow? I’m thinking fast but what are your favorites.

Disclosure: If you are a Bride and really want to know a specific etsy item, email me and I will gladly share. There will be a lot of blog posts after the wedding. Sorry/your welcome.