American Saturday Night At The Indians Music Festival

*Considering it is Wednesday and I am still posting about the weekend, that should tell you how busy my week has been. I have a Sunday post coming soon too. Hopefully, later today…most likely tomorrow.

Saturday I was lucky enough to score some free tickets to the Indians Music Festival at Progressive Field. I even got to sit in the Social Media Suite and I got to meet Christian aka @TheHeldawg.



Believe it or not there were 10 acts total! I didn’t get to see them all because I was busy “hydrating” But I did catch a little bit of Eden’s Edge who had some awesome harmonies so go check them out. 7 of the acts played in between Progressive Field and The Q and then the 3 main acts played on the gianormous stage in Progressive Field.

I randomly ran into one of my BFF's from college with her skinny fiance. He lost over 30lbs!

 As you can see in this picture I was still umm “hydrating”.

I tried to snap some good pictures, you know of city folk being country for a night, and silly girls with their pockets out of the end of their shorts but this one was one of my favs.

Seriously, is this couple wearing the same style pants?

              DSCN1043   DSCN1045

I may or may not have tweeted that I wanted to marry Jerrod Neimann. He was such a cutie and great to see live. We had a surprise guest when Blake came out to sing, Miranda Lambert made an appearance for a song. She was great, totally love her, oh and Blake did good too, I forgot how funny he is, great personality.

Mr. Brad Paisley

And of course the ever awesome Mr. Brad Paisley, who can check me for ticks anytime.

It was an Awesome Awesome concert and a long day. I ran a 5K, did a ton of laundry and cleaning, “hydrating” and a concert so you think it would be time to go home….NOT! Party Girl was in full swing for Saturday night.

My friends were people watching as I walked by!

So I really was on my way to my car but when I saw my friends people watching I had to stop for a drink, it would have been rude to not stop and have a drink, right?

Then on to my car to head home for the night until I remembered it was another friends Birthday so we just HAD to have another (or drinks) with them in Tremont.

That's the Bday girl, she was singing something...I think

 Believe it or not I even got up to run Sunday morning, although it was very tempting to sleep for a few more hours.

 Have you ever seen any of these acts live? Who is your favorite country artist/group/duo etc?


Run Song Of The Week

I probably should have heard this song by listening to the radio but instead I saw the spoof of this video called “Sing Talk” I loved it and when I heard the original I ended up downloading the entire CD. Kesha songs make great run songs.

Song: Tick Tock
Artist: Kesha

Fact: I pronounced Kesha as Keisha for a really long time, it was kind of embarrassing


VIP Baby: A Dark Ride Lexus Event

Saturday night I had the opportunity to attend the Dark Ride Lexus Event at Playhouse Square and I have to admit it was AMAZING. The event was organized, well put together and had free drinks. That’s what I call “winning”.

Red Capet Time!

Walking into the event you are greeted with a spot to take “red carpet” pictures, bars on the left, food on the right and dancers featured on mini raised stages in the middle. I was truly impressed/mesmerized by the event that I forgot to take a pic of the dancers. Take my word that it was pretty cool.

So after grabbing a tasty drink (Absolute Peach Cosmo…I think) I decided to take a lap around the event to check everything out and surprisingly I ran into people that I knew, got to catch up and also meet new people. Shortly after they opened the theater which was where the cars were located and where the concert would take place.

The performers for the event were Dev and Jay Sean. I have to admit that I had never heard of Dev but was an instant fan, cannot wait to download some of her songs, they will be great to run to. I loved Jay Sean’s accent and I was happy to hear his hit song “Down” live.

Got to hang out with some awesome ladies, Heather, Steph and myself.
The guys were loving the drinks
View from the stage looking out to where I normally sit in the audience
Ice Sculptures at the event
Dev performing
While waiting for Jay Sean to come on we snapped a cute photo
Jay Sean performing
Alana and me!
Another pic with some awesome ladies

Overall, I have to say that I had a really great time at this event and hope that there are more events like this in the future.

Fact: Jay Sean’s real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti


Run Song of the Week

I’ve been running to this song and a couple other Brokedown Cadillac songs for a couple of months now. I found this song while watching an episode of Hellcats on the CW and searched the web until I found the artist. Hope to see them live one day.

Artist: Brokedown Cadillac
Song: Bring It On


Run Song Of The Week

It’s Valentine’s Day and I feel like I should post a love related song but that’s really not my thing. Instead, I am going to share a song I love to run to. I am pretty sure most of you have not heard it so maybe I will introduce you to something new.

I tried to find the actual dance but YouTube’s Croatian Folk dance is limited so you’ll have to settle with this. The song is Precveli su plavi tulipani from Posavina being performed by LADO.

Fun Fact: I was a Croatian Folk Dancer for 14 years.