Race To A Million 5K

After racing bad many times and wanting to give up on running all together, I signed up for another race. Why? Because I love torture.

Actually, I signed up because it was a money race and I actually had a shot. For whatever reason this race has a small turnout. Probably because there are so many other races the same weekend as this race and the weekend before so everyone is recovering.

Before the race, I only saw 1-2 people that might beat me which I was ok with. The top 3 overall all got cash money. Like a good amount too. Ryan was also racing and his chances were the same as mine.

The morning of the race was cold and crazy windy. It felt like a winter day and I bet it kept runners at home that thought they would sign up when they got there.

The race started and I went out pretty conservatively. It had been awhile since I had done a speed race so no idea what to expect.

For the first time in forever, I felt really good and my legs actually felt like they knew how to run fast. My turnover had returned! As I glanced at my watch, I could see I wasn’t quite at the paces I wanted but as I neared the first mile I was in 4th place and the next person was in reach.

I wish I could say I sat back and waited to pass her but instead she was just barely faster than me. At the second mile, I looked at my watch and I could see that we both had slowed down. However, I felt great and my legs still had something left so I hoped the woman in front of me would continue to slow.

With a half mile to go I picked up the pace as she had gained a little bit of a lead on me. I was slowly closing in on the lead but not quite fast enough. As we made the last turn toward the finish line, she had just enough space and she got me. She took third while I took fourth.She took home cash while I took home a pumpkin. For real, they gave out mini pumpkins after the race.

As I tried to catch my breath, Ryan came over and I thought to myself, “well at least one of us brought home prize money.” However, Ryan informed me that he too came in fourth! He was recovering from just completing a marathon weeks prior and wasn’t quite ready to race.

Ryan loves the crying MJ meme so he thought it was perfect for the occasion.


I knew the race was close for third and I ran a time of 22:49. However, I found out I missed 3rd by 4 seconds! 4 SECONDS!

Oh well, I ran my best that day and that was all I was ready for.

Bandit thinks us racing is exhausting. I agree.

River Run Half Marathon 2016

While I may have taken a couple weeks off this summer and lost all my speed. Literally, no speed whatsoever in these legs, I did not lose the distance. I could easily run long distances after taking so many weeks off. However, they were all very slow miles. Naturally, I thought it would be a great idea to run the River Run half marathon.

The River Run half marathon is a favorite in our house because that is where Ryan and I met. On the bus to the start of the race when I sat down next to him, all those years ago…

I should have went into this race with a realistic goal of like 1:45-1:50. Instead, in my head I thought I would run close to a 1:43. In the spring, I was in shape for a sub 1:40 so I thought 3 minutes slower would be easy.

To start, I went out too fast, no surprise there but by mile 2 I was done. Like completely ready to quit. In my head for the next couple miles, I told myself I could quit and should just stop running. Then I day dreamed about if I was smarter and was a spectator for the race instead.

Current Status: Trying to figure out where to drop out of the race.

Surprisingly, as much as I was hating running and myself during the race, the miles clicked by quickly. Mile 6 was there before I knew it. I honestly have no idea why I kept running this race. I had no idea what my finish time would be but knew it would be much slower than what I had predicted.

The next couple miles kept going by fast despite my pace dropping significantly. I hit mile 10 and knew I was not going to quit by this point and I kept telling myself, only a 5K left.


As I neared the finish line, I could see my friends who already finished that were heading out for some cool down miles. They cheered when they saw me but I wouldn’t even look at them. Despite being close to the finish line, I was still cranky about my declining time.

I finished with a time of 1:47:52 an 8:12 pace. One of my slowest half marathons in a very long time.


Bay Days 5 Miler 2016

Every year the Bay Days 5 miler is on the 4th of July so every year there is the fear that it will be 100 degrees. For years, I avoided this race for that very reason. However, the past couple years I have been running it and we have had surprisingly good weather. This year included.

Last year, the day before this race I biked for 5 hours because I was Ironman training. This year I decided to run 20 miles 2 days before. Not exactly the best decision but I don’t normally run well at Bay Days so I figured it wouldn’t matter.

Bay Days Elevation

The Bay Days course is fairly flat but the beginning of the race is slightly downhill so it is really hard to not go out too fast. Which I always love to do. This race was slightly different in that I actually didn’t go out as fast. The first mile marker was a little long but my watch had me at 7:05 mile for the first mile.

The pace felt difficult but my legs didn’t feel heavy so I was hoping I could hold on to the 7:05 pace. I thought for sure that I was running slower but I looked down and by mile 2 I was at a 7:13 pace. So I was running slower but not by too much.

I normally race with headphones but lately I have been getting away from that. For running by myself it is nice to pass the time but when I am racing I always wear them to keep my nerves down and to keep me focused. However, at mile 3 I didn’t even notice that I didn’t have my head phones! I hit mile 3 at 7:19 pace and that wasn’t too far off from the 7:11 pace I was aiming for.

I tried to pick up the pace for the last 2 miles. Nothing major just was hoping to take off a couple seconds and maybe get closer to my goal finish time. I haven’t felt 100% this summer for races so it wasn’t the end of the world if I didn’t hit my goal time. I hit mile 4 at 7:16.

During the last mile, I got passed by a man pushing a stroller but not any stroller. A DOUBLE STROLLER. Like seriously? Who is THAT bad ass? Running in the low 7s while pushing 2 children.

So obviously my goal was to stay as close to Double Stroller Man as possible for the rest of the race. He took off and while it helped my pace, I wouldn’t say I “kept up” with him. I don’t even remember seeing him at the finish.

BayDays Finish

I ended up running that last mile in 7:13 for a finish time of 36:07 a 7:14 pace. SO CLOSE TO MY GOAL TIME! Ahhhh. It wouldn’t have been a PR but just a time I thought I could come close to running but it was just out of my reach. It was a nice way to push myself though. I ended up coming in 4th in my age group which was totally fine with all the competition there and I would rather run a good time than place in my age group. This is also about a minute faster than what I ran at Bay Days last year.



My Rambling Running Update

I’m sad to announce that I have to drop out of the Erie Marathon 😦

My asthma was so bad this summer that I was not able to get in proper training. Constantly I would start training and have to back off again because I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been working hard the past couple weeks and am up to running 10 miles for my long run. However, 10 miles is not enough to run a marathon. Also my asthma still acts up so who knows when I’ll be able to run longer.

The good news is I was able to run everyday on my honeymoon. We had hoped to get in a few miles everyday but to get at least one longish run in. Well when you go from Cleveland where it was fairly cool all summer to the Bahamas and New Orleans where it is constantly hot, long runs just aren’t happening. We ran 4 miles everyday but 4 miles in that heat felt like 10. We even thought if we got up early we could “beat the heat” but there is no beating the heat down there.

The bad news that goes along with dropping out of the Erie Marathon is that is I won’t be able to re-qualify for Boston. That was why I signed up for the Erie Marathon, to re-qualify and run Boston as Mr. & Mrs. McCartney. The good news is I’ll still be in Boston to cheer Ryan on! I told myself that if I didn’t re-qualify that I should run the Green Jewel 50K....

More good news is, I’ll have time to concentrate on the shorter distances this fall. Normally I run a marathon or 3 so this will be something new I can work on. Maybe bust out some PRs.

More bad news, my garmin died 😦 I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s trained through at least 7 marathons so it’s no shock that it wouldn’t last forever. It was sad to see that they have discontinued my specific watch so I had to find a new one.

Old garmin
Old garmin
New Garmin
New Garmin

I never noticed how heavy my old garmin was until I got a new one. Now wonder they discontinued the old one. I haven’t played around with my new watch too much yet. I’ve taken it on a few runs and it tells me the pace, distance and time just like my old one. It does do a weird thing where after a mile it shows your mile time and will say lap 1. The weird part is if you just get to mile 5 and look down it will say lap 1 and your mile time. Instead of saying lap 5. After a few seconds to a minute it will say lap 5 though. Confused me at first (and confusing to write) but just something to get used to.

It also takes awhile to connect to satellite but I remember my old Garmin did the same thing when I first got it. Other than that it’s a good watch and looks pretty. Too bad it doesn’t come in pink!

Since I can’t run a full marathon, I registered for the Akron half marathon. Mostly because there is a sweet neon pink shirt for the half marathoners this year. Clearly my priorities are in order.

Akron Marathon Clothing

I’m thinking about registering for the River Run Half marathon but haven’t done so yet. I have also registered for the Bulldog 5K tomorrow as well as the Christmas Story 10K in December both with my new married name so I am pretty excited!

A Christmas Story Medal

To celebrate A Christmas Story movie’s 30th anniversary they are having a 5K and 10K race. I admit it is kind of pricey but you get a long sleeve shirt with a leg lamp design on it, the finishers medal above, they’ll be showing the movie in Public square that day and you get free entry to the Christmas Story House and museum in Tremont!

Once last thing before I go. I saw this yesterday online and it’s probably the coolest things that I definitely need. A Cleveland Skyline Medal hanger!