Flash Back 16 Years

Does anyone else just want to jump into Stars Hollow and live there?

Oh and Stars Hollow is an actual place you can visit. Kind of.


Yeah, that’s right, I started watching Gilmore Girls. From the very beginning but why now?

Honestly, I’ve never really been interested in the show until they came out with the follow up “A Day in the Life.” This show came out when I was a sophomore in high school so it’s a fun little flash back in time. Fun Fact: I’ve never watched Dawson’s Creek or My So Called Life either.

I can’t believe how well this show aged! I have a crush on Luke but wonder if that is because I am watching the show while I am in my 30’s. Would I have a crush on Dean or Tristan if I watched this when I was 16?


Oh who am I kidding, I’ve had a crush on Chad Michael Murray since I started watching One Tree Hill. I was late to the One Tree Hill party as well but only by about 2 years so I only had a couple seasons to catch up on.

So no spoilers, I’m only on Season 1 and only watched a couple episodes but I have been completely hooked after 1 episode.



Mastering Making Up Your Own Recipes

This title is a little misleading, although, sometimes I do make up my own recipes.

My latest creations have been Egg bake and Pad Thai. That’s right this little Croatian girl is making Pad Thai.

Egg bakes have been around for ever and you can google (Or pinterest) a bunch of different recipes pretty easily. My Mom has been making it for years and it’s a Christmas morning staple. Shoot, if she reads this and knows I know how to make it then she’s going to make me bring it on Christmas morning! (Can’t do it, gotta run!)

Anyways, Mom is the master of cooking and making up recipes off the top of her head. I’ve always thought she was wickedly smart for being able to do this. However, I’ve started doing it too. Maybe my future kids will think I’m wicked smart now.

In the past Mom has made multiple kinds of egg bake but my favorite is always the sausage egg bake. Some make it with potatoes or tater tots and they are always my least favorite ones. If I want a potato I’ll eat a potato. Last night I made egg bake for dinner with a recipe I pretty much pulled out of my guza.

Egg Bake Recipe:

6-8 slices of Italian white bread, cubed
1-pork sausage, cooked
6-8 eggs, beat with a splash of milk,
salt and pepper to taste
and topped with about a bag of cheddar cheese.

After the sausage was cooked I tossed everything into a grease lined casserole dish and bake it at 350 for 50 minutes. Since this is a breakfast recipe I covered it with maple syrup. I don’t know why but I love syrup on my sausage and eggs.

Forgot to take a picture until days later.
Forgot to take a picture until days later.

I have a secret love for Pad Thai but the last time I had it I found half a cockroach in my food and haven’t been able to eat it at restaurants since. Sometimes I really really miss it but just can’t get over the cockroach in it so I go without it. Then I started looking up recipes and it’s really not hard to make at home!

Pad Thai Recipe

Rice Noodles-Target carries them
Brown Sugar
soy sauce
2 eggs
chicken-I used 1 breast
vegetable oil
cilantro (actually I didn’t use cilantro)

I wasn’t really measuring so good luck with that part. I soaked the rice noodles, the directions are on the package and while they were soaking I pan cooked some chicken breasts and make my sauce. My sauce is just lime juice, sriracha, soy sauce and brown sugar. Then I heated some vegetable oil and garlic in a large pan. (we have this wok looking thing, no idea where it came from).

Toss in scallions to oil, add eggs to scramblish. Once the eggs are cooked transfer to a plate but toss the rice noodles (drained) into the same pan. Add sauce mixture and toss til warm. Add in some chopped up chicken and transfer to serving plates. Top with peanuts.

Looks good!
Looks good!

I wasn’t happy with how it came out. I followed the directions for the noodles on the packaging but they were still hard. Maybe it was a really old package  of noodles? Despite the noodles being too hard, Ryan said he loved it. He’s so smart 😉


Ridiculousness: A Glimpse into Married Life and Other Pointless Stories

I’m not sure why but everyone seemed to go crazy about the 300 Sandwiches article that was posted recently. After reading the article and the blog 300sandwiches.com I felt like people were blowing the article our of proportion and missing the point of the article.

Is she making 300 sandwiches hoping her boyfriend will propose? No that’s ridiculous. She happened to make a simple sandwich one day and her boyfriend raved about it so much that he randomly said “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” From then on she had the great idea to start a blog and make 300 sandwiches.

I think it’s cute that she found something fun to do for her man and something they can both joke about. I looked into my own life and started laughing at some of the fun things that Ryan and I joke about at home.

292 Bloody Mary’s Away:

Me: “Ryan, I have a really big problem and was hoping maybe we can talk about it and you can help me out” (Cue serious face)
Ryan: (Cue worried face) “Sure. what’s up”
Me: (Cue trying to hide smile) “I really want to open a beer but it’s Sunday and I kind of want a bloody mary first.” (Cue laughing from both of us)

Related: After our honeymoon we started doing bloody mary Sundays. Ryan always makes me a bloody mary. I’m 292 bloody mary’s away from being married! Oh wait, that probably won’t work in this case.

OMG you’re the worst!

Shortly after moving in together I made hard boiled eggs. Ground breaking chef in the making, hold onto your hats people. After making the eggs, Ryan was pretty amazed, looking at me oddly and asked
“What are you going to do with them?”
Me: “Umm” (Cue weird look) “eat them”
Ryan: “really?”
He then proceeded to watch me, in amazement as I ate a hard boiled egg. I’m thinking in my head “Has he never had or seen a hard boiled egg? Who is this guy? Does he even celebrate Easter?”  However, ever since that ground breaking day, we have had hard boiled eggs in our fridge, at all time. AT. ALL. TIMES. Ryan gladly purchases and makes hard boiled eggs…in the oven!

One day, after work, I went to the fridge to get a hard boiled egg from the stash. I was shocked to find that there were no hard boiled eggs. I immediately asked Ryan if we had any, assuming we did and I just couldn’t find them. He responded that we did not so I responded “OMG! You are the Worst!” Did I mean it? Of course not. It would be pretty dumb to get mad over something like that. Although pretty funny to jokingly overreact about something as little as missing eggs.


A common word in our house is “unacceptable” and is used in the most ridiculous way. If someone heard us talking and not know us, they might think we are mean to each other by telling the other one that something is “unacceptable”.

Ryan: “There’s this beer on tap at Rozi’s I really want to try. I hope the keg doesn’t kick til tomorrow.”
Me: “Why don’t you go today? We don’t have anything going on.”
Ryan: “I don’t really feel like drinking today.”
Me. “UNACCEPTABLE…I’ll drive”

There are many “unacceptable” things at home. These include:…extra scoops of ice cream, not liking chocolate, overripe avocados, running low on milk and getting ice cream without the other one.

It’s these small things like commenting that something is “unacceptable” when it’s fine or making 300 sandwiches that make you look at your life or relationship and laugh. Don’t take life so seriously.

What is your take on the 300 Sandwiches blog? What are some odd things that are said or done in your house?

Disclaimer: Ryan proofread this post, earning his spot as husband of the year…292 bloody mary’s to go.


Things I’m Digging

1.) The Eve Series By Anna Carey. I read the first 2 books in January and then the 3rd one this week. I was so hooked on the first 2 that I couldn’t put them down. You fall so in love with the characters. Read It!


2.) Pumpkin Flavored Everything. I wish I had more time to cook and bake after work but I’ve been hooked on pumpkin everything. Especially this dish I made on Monday (which lasted 1.5 days) Pumpkin Lust Cake.

Sweet treats and more has some awesome recipes!

3.) My Husband. The only thing I can say about this is I’m sad that no one else can have a husband like mine. He’s more perfect than I can put into words. He’s also apparently turned me into a sap.

When he kisses Bodhi on top of his head, Bodhi turns to kiss him back. ADORABLE
When he kisses Bodhi on top of his head, Bodhi turns to kiss him back. ADORABLE

4.) Home cooked meals. Well I’ve always been a fan and it gave me an excuse to go home and visit family. However, married life has been driving me to cook more. Whether is it a dip, burek or chicken noodle soup, I’ve been cooking multiple days a week and I like it!

5.) Bodhi. I’ve probably said this multiple times now but I think we should have picked an uglier puppy. I can’t handle his cuteness.

See what I mean?!?!
See what I mean?!?!

6.) Groop Dealz! I don’t remember where I saw this but someone tweeted about a necklace they bought. Then it went on sale so I had to buy it. But then I ended up with some headbands, a scarf, another scarf, it’ll suck you in. The good news is it’s really affordable! Especially if you are like me and tire of things quickly and can then pass them onto a younger sibling 🙂

I have the tealish one on the end.
I have the tealish one on the end.

What are you digging lately? Can someone bring me a pumpkin spice latte? Seriously?


Ch Ch Changes


*Updated: I thought I had it set up so both address still work however you will have to update your readers to the new site!

I changed the blog name! I registered my domain! Big girl panties on!


I have been thinking about it for a while now and have gone back and forth on if I would do it or not. But I finally decided to change my blog name and register a domain. I thought about keeping my old blog name and registering that address but it’s not available! Who has mojamala2.com lol.

However, one of my reasons for changing the blog name was to have something easier to pronounce. As well as having a short web address. After some brainstorming and checking to see what was available I came up with The Tambura Runner! So maybe it’s not super easy to pronounce but it’s easy to sound out 😉

Designed a new header!
Designed a new header!

For those of you who do not know, a tambura (pronounced “tum-burr-a”) is a Croatian folk stringed instrument. I grew up listening to tambura music, playing tambura and kolo dancing. It’s probably the only thing I love more than running, don’t tell running I said that! So I combined my 2 favorite things and The Tambura Runner was born!

Original picture with tamburas, running shoes and bib number
Original picture with tamburas, running shoes and bib number

A couple things will remain the same:

The blog address will remain mojamala2blog@gmail.com for now.
Twitter and Instagram handles will remain @mojamala2
Content discussed on the blog will remain mostly running focused but probably with more pictures of Bodhi.

The Bod Man
The Bod Man

I think I mapped the new domain correctly so that both mojamala2.wordpress.com as well as thetamburarunner.com will both take you to the same place! I think…


Labor Day Weekend and Bodhi’s first race

It’s a 2 blog post kind of day because I have a million things to blog about! I still have a couple wedding recaps coming, homeymoon recaps, another race recap and a dinner recap.

Usually my Labor Day weekends consist of lots of running, cookouts and very busy plans. This year was very different. I had maybe one thing every day but nothing too crazy.

Friday-Stayed in and went to bed early.

Found s'mores waffles at Target!
Found s’mores waffles at Target!

Saturday-5 mile race, hot and humid and then went shopping with my BFF.

Sunday-Went for a nice run and got to run the last mile and a half with Ryan. Then we headed to Fairlawn for the Food Trucks and then we went to get somethings off our registry. It was a very productive Sunday.

The Orange Truk is a favorite of mine. Awesome tacos and balls. However, I tried out the sushi truck and was not disappointed.
The Orange Truk is a favorite of mine. Awesome tacos and balls. However, I tried out the sushi truck and was not disappointed.

Monday-Went for another run before heading up to the Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest is in town all weekend and always a favorite to go to. Delish food, music, dancing, a 5K (which I didn’t run) AND WEINER DOG RACES.

The barn where the races happen.
The barn where the races happen.

They have multiple categories for the weiner dogs, puppies, adult. senior and special needs. It was so cool seeing the different kinds of weiner dogs.

Bodhi making friends with a HUGE dog.
Bodhi making friends with a HUGE dog.

I think Bodhi had a little too much excitement before his race. Everyone wanted to stop and see him and other dogs wanted to say hello. By the time it was his turn to race, he fell asleep! It was about 10 minutes before the race so we thought maybe it was a short nap.

Ryan and Bodhi at the starting gates.
Ryan and Bodhi at the starting gates.

Bodhi had no issue getting in the gate but when the gate went up, Bodhi just stayed there. All the other dogs ran but not Bodhi. Bodhi will forever be known as the dog who didn’t run. He may have had his first ever DNS/DNF (Did not start/Did not finish) but he definitely won everyone’s attention with his cuteness.

After the Oktoberfest, we headed over to a friends house for a last minute cookout. They even invited Bodhi to come with us.

Bodhi kissing the baby!
Bodhi kissing the baby!
Bodhi checking out Lulu
Bodhi checking out Lulu

Bodhi took multiple mini naps throughout the day but when we got home he was knocked out.

One tired teenie weenie.
One tired teenie weenie.

The long and relaxing weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge for a short work week.

What are your favorite things to do on labor day weekend?


Wedding Update: I’ve been a busy girl.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how everything is turning out and how well planned everything is going so far. My plan “get as much as I can done early in the year” plan is working out perfectly. Next weekend will be my 6 week mark, which according to wedding planning sites and timelines, things get kinda crazy. Instead, I have it all under control.

However, instead of stressing out about invitations, assembling, addressing, stamping, etc. I did a little bit here and there and before I knew it I was done! They were completed about a month before they actually needed to go out.

Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
The whole invitation set
The whole invitation set

And before anyone thinks I am completely crazy and hole punched a million holes to make the belly band (belly band=thingy that hold the invitation and pieces together). I had this nifty hole puncher and punched it on about 2 inch strips of paper. TaDa!

Nifty hole puncher
Nifty hole puncher

Then they had to sit on the floor for a month because I didn’t want to mail them too early.

That's a lot of invites.
That’s a lot of invites.

Other things that have been completed are:

  • Flower Girl dress ordered and after having to switch vendors. I love the second dress even more.
  • Changed our first dance song but I’ll explain that in another post.
  • Bridesmaids dresses are in! I never really had a chance to see them in person until they were in and I love them. phew! They are pink, obviously, but I didn’t know if they would be hot pink, purply pink or coral pink. They are perfect and exactly what I pictured.
  • Finally, decided on a guest book, one that made my Mother and I both happy. (I really liked the finger print ones but she did not. With over 400 guests it’s kind of hard to do anyways)
  • Ryan and I picked out church music and started picking out “must play” songs for the DJ. Personal favorites are “Shout” and “Footloose”. Although, I talked Ryan into adding “Low” and “Country Grammar”. Hopefully those are played after the Bakas leave.
  • Picked out wedding bands. It was a lot easier than I expected. We both knew exactly what we wanted.
  • I had my first dress fitting and fell in love with my dress all over again. I especially love it bustled and I had no idea how the bustle would look when I ordered the dress. I did discover that the jewelry I planned on wearing didn’t really go. Good thing I took my jewelry with me to try on with my dress.
  • Found a ring bearer pillow! I didn’t want one of the tradition satin pillows and almost didn’t have a pillow instead. After searching on Etsy, I found one that I love! However, I am not going to show you til the wedding. I’m mean like that.
  • I got my shoes. It took me awhile to find a pair I liked and I was very limited. I needed a 2-3/4 length heel because that’s what I was measured in when I ordered my dress. I also needed them to be pink, which I couldn’t find so I had them dyed. They are perfect. Contact Parisxox on Etsy if you want yours done. Very fast turn around. Local shops in the area wanted me to buy their shoes to dye but they didn’t have the heel height I needed.
  • I found a cute mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift also on etsy. Pretty sure the gift will make them both cry but it’s really cute.
  • Garter-Found on Etsy. Think antique/bling.
  • Bridesmaids gifts-parts of them I got on Etsy but can’t give it away because some of my bridesmaids read this!

Are you seeing the Etsy trend here. I found so many great wedding items there. I was looking for some special touches and to make the wedding a little different from a traditional wedding.

Coming up next:

  • Picking out readings for mass and meeting with the priest one last time before the rehearsal.
  • Last dress fitting and hair and make-up trial. I’m doing them on the same day so I’ll have an idea what I’ll look like on our wedding day.
  • Wedding Shower– my cousin/matron of honor is absolutely amazing. If she didn’t have kids of her own I’d owe her my first born.
  • Finishing my “cork project“. Yet another thing I won’t show you til after the wedding but very exciting about this added touch.
  • Adding ribbon to the bubbles. I actually almost forgot about the bubbles! The bubbles were cheaper without ribbons so I bought my own and am tying them on.
  • Ripping out my hair. Oops I mean making the seating chart. Just waiting on all the RSVPs to start that one.
  • Bachelorette Party-Another huge thanks to my MOH for this one. Ashley, if you ever need a kidney, lung or anything else I have a double of, it’s all yours. You Rock!
  • Ceremony Programs-Hoping to start these next week after we meet with the priest.

Am I forgetting anything? I still need my something blue and something borrowed but I’m working on it.

Reception last dance song, fast or slow? I’m thinking fast but what are your favorites.

Disclosure: If you are a Bride and really want to know a specific etsy item, email me and I will gladly share. There will be a lot of blog posts after the wedding. Sorry/your welcome.