Cleveland Marathon 10K

I was so excited when I woke up Sunday morning to check the radar and see no rain in the forecast! When I went to bed there was a chance of rain from about 6am-8am. So I got dressed, put my hair in a ponytail and skipped a hat or braiding my hair since it wasn’t going to rain.

You know as soon as we got downtown, it started raining. First a little mist, then light rain and then rain rain. However, I think the rain helped to keep it cool, too cool for me but probably perfect for everyone else. Good thing I put on a throw away shirt before heading downtown!



The 10K is one of my favorite distances to race however, this race was more to start building fitness again and I came prepared with a plan. A plan that involved running with fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassador Andrew Runs A Lot! I told Andrew I wanted to run 7:45s and he was on board to run with me. I am so glad I had someone to run with and keep me company. This was Andrews longest run of the year and he made it seem effortless.

I could have sworn we were running 7:45-7:50 for the first mile, it felt very comfortable and every time I looked at my watch I saw something in the 7:40s. But our first mile was 7:27, oops. The second mile, my plan was to pick it up from a 7:45 to a 7:30 but I apparently didn’t know I was already there and ran 7:31 for the second mile.

The 3rd mile, I was prepared to slow down a bit since there is some uphill by the browns stadium and then some more coming out of the flats. So mile 3 ended up being 7:45. I’m not sure what exactly happened in mile number 4 since I ran a 7:34 here. I must have felt really good running through the flats. I think I even commented to Andrew “Wow, I can’t believe we only have 2 mile to go”

I knew a hill was coming, and not just any hill, the Columbus Rd hill. I know this is a tough hill so the plan was to take it slow and at the top pick it back up. I didn’t even look at my watch for this hill, just kept moving forward and when I got to the top, it took me awhile to get my rhythm back again. I wasn’t super out of breath or felt like my legs were too tired, it just took a lot out of me. With the hill, mile 5 ended up being an 8:31 mile.

I’m not sure which map makes the hill look worse, Strava or Garmin.

At one mile to go, I wasn’t exactly sure what I had left so I told Andrew he could leave me behind. I knew he was feeling good and if he had some speed left, I wanted him to use it! With about half a mile to go and 1 more hill, I started to pick up the pace. My last mile was a 7:47.

Now, I have the course at 6.32 miles and that is with running almost no tangents so that’s not too bad for a big race. Normally, I run every tangent I can find but I didn’t even try for this race since it was crowded with the full and half marathoners. Also, this is what my watch got, my watch is not a certified course, it’s just a watch that connects to a satellite somewhere in the sky. As far as I am concerned, this course is 6.2 miles, if I ran farther than that then maybe I should have ran the tangents.

Thanks to Tim Kelly of Second Sole Lakewood for this picture. I swear he has a magic camera, he takes some incredible photos

My official finish time was, 48:51 and initially I was disappointed in that. I had hoped to run sub 47 and to be almost 2 minutes off hurt a bit. However, I looked at my splits and I was actually happy with those, minus going out too fast. I have a lot of work to do this summer but I’m very excited to start training more.

The best part about running “just the 10K” I joked all weekend about “training for the marathon but running the 10K” but I felt really good after the 10K, nothing hurt or felt weird. I did a light jog back to the car and turned the heat on full blast to get warm. Naturally, I didn’t really pack a change of clothes for after the race but I did pack compression socks and a hoodie. While I wished I could have changed out of my wet clothes, it was nice to have something to put on as I headed back into the cold rain to cheer on the half marathoners and full marathoners.

As I was cheering on the runners, I was paying close attention to my friend Sarah running the full. She was 3rd in the full last year and she’s kinda quiet about her training so you don’t always know how her training is going. But she won! The whole darn Cleveland Marathon!

I wish I could say I took this photo but I barely got a picture because I was sobbing I was so happy for her!

I obviously stuck around to watch Ryan bring in the 3:25 pace group. He has been pacing this group for the past 5 years and absolutely loves helping runners reach their goals.


I had an absolute blast all weekend at the Cleveland Marathon, is it too early to count down til next year?


Gearing Up For The 2014 Season and My Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Plan!

There was a lot of time that went into preparing this training plan. I took a plan from 2 years ago that I used and revamped it. This training schedule contains the races I plan to use in my training (you can find my full 2014 race schedule here!), it is built around holidays/travel plans and incorporates cross training.

That's me!
That’s me!

I would label this as an advanced intermediate training plan. The plan has 40-50 miles a week which happens to be my sweet spot for running. Not too much and not too little and I still have a social life.

This is from my surprise 30th! I'm old!
This is from my surprise 30th! I’m old!

I’ve incorporated swimming and cycling into my training this year as part of my cross training. My swimming and cycling need lots of work so it is safe to say there will be no triathlons in my future. I also use the Nike Training App for some extra cross training. I love their 15 minute focus workouts. (I’ll have a cross training post soon, it’s in the works!)

Fellow Official Marathon Blogger Beal got me hooked on spinning. I now attend Psycle twice a week!
Fellow official marathon blogger, extreme cyclist and yes he is single, Beal got me hooked on spinning. I now attend Psycle twice a week!

After I was injured for most of 2012, I started to get regular massages at Soothe Massage in Rocky River. I aim to go every 4-5 weeks and really feel the difference. You may think “that gets expensive to go that often” but keep in mind that I do not have a gym membership! We have a treadmill at home but I run outside as much as possible, I pay for spin classes and massages and am lucky enough to live in Cleveland and attend their rec centers for free! I just learned this recently and am taking full advantage of it.

Below is my 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon training plan but you can also get a PDF copy here -> 2014Training Plan CLE.

 photo 3d6d1936-1494-421c-ba16-0693562e4b58_zps28a21834.jpg

  1. I take AT LEAST 1 rest day a week. I find it very important to listen to your body.
  2. WU=Warm UP and CD= Cool Down
  3. On the weeks of my really long runs I try to run less on Wednesdays and Thursdays to give my legs a little rest.
  4. The first two weeks of the plan are really just to get me ready for following a plan. I’ve been consistently running 10-14 miles on the weekends so I can successfully jump into long runs.
  5. I take my easy runs EASY! Any pace, it’s more just to get the legs moving.
  6. Long Runs I aim to run 60-90 seconds slower than marathon goal pace.
  7. I bought my first pair of Yak-Traks this year so I can be more stable outside. Although the treadmill is my friend. (I have asthma so I have to be careful running in cold weather anyways.)
Hopefully my husband, the yak trak pro fill put these on my shoes for me.
Hopefully my husband, the yak trak pro fill put these on my shoes for me.

8.  I do core, squats and light weight training (5-8lbs) 2-3 time a week. No schedule for it but usually do it while watching TV.
9.  I have not 1 but 2 foam rollers. Even Bodhi is a fan of the foam roller.

That is actually a rumble roller and it actually hurts!
That is actually a rumble roller and it actually hurts!

10.  I take gu on long runs and have been using Clif Shot Bloks (Black Cherry) lately and love them. I also hydrate before, during and after runs with NUUN.

Nuun Hydration
Nuun Hydration

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon will be my 12th marathon and I’m very excited to be a part of the Cleveland Experience!

The Logo, that's me, from when I ran in 2011
The Logo, that’s me, from when I ran in 2011

Do you follow a training plan? Do you find one online? Have a coach? Go PLANLESS? I love and am slightly obsessed with my training plan and love putting one together on my own. I know what I am capable of and it’s never a problem to push myself.