2018 Training Plan & Workouts

I am still going back and forth on if I want to run the full or the half in Cleveland. If I run the full, it will just be for fun. If I run the half, I will want to go for a specific time. The problem is I am running the Glass City Marathon in April. That only leaves me with a couple weeks in between races. To run the marathon is one beast, to race it is a different ball game.

So for now, I am going to share with you my Glass City Marathon training plan. This way you can see how long the plan is and what my workouts are.

Glass City Training PLan

I was sick the first week of the year so I actually didn’t run much. The second week went much better. I build my plans so that I can move workouts around easily. The most important workouts I do are speed work, tempo and long runs. As long as I get those 3 in each week, I really don’t care about the other runs.

My marathon PR actually comes from a training cycle where I only ran 3 days a week and most of it was on the treadmill. If I am not going to run I will try to supplement the training with strength work, elliptical or biking.

Here is a look at what the past 2 weeks of workouts looked like. you can see by the 4 days of rest how sick I was.


Sunday – Rest
Monday – 5 miles @8:28 pace
Tuesday – 7.3 miles @8:16 pace – 1 mile WU, 6×800, 2×400, 1 mile CD and I do .25 recovery between each interval.
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 7.1 miles @8:27 pace

Total – 19.4

Despite being sick, I made some time to go bowling with my family.


Sunday – 8 miles @8:31 pace
Monday – 6.1 miles @8:14 pace – 1 mile WU, 10×400, 1 mile CD, .15ish recovery between each interval.
Tuesday – 2 miles @8:47 and 40 minutes elliptical. I was still coughing a lot so I gave myself a side stitch and decided to take it easy.
Wednesday – 7 miles @8:03 pace – 1 mile WU, 5 miles at tempo, 1 mile CD
Thursday – 6 miles @8:44 pace
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 15 miles @8:24 pace – I alternated 1 mile easy and 1 mile at marathon goal pace.

Total – 44.1

When you rarely dress up, you always have to take a photo. Especially when your husband is so good looking!

If you have any questions on my training do not hesitate to ask. What works for one does not work for another. I will say I have learned a lot over the 17 marathons I have ran and have made plenty of mistakes.


Staying Healthy – 2 Week Training Update

It’s no secret I’ve had my fair share of injuries but I’ve done really well dealing with them and running some pretty high mileage. However, I’ve also had a sinus cold, stomach flu and now some other cough cold thing that has not only kept me from running since last week but I have also completely lost my voice.

Maybe I should just change this blog to a new name “Running While Sick and Injured.” However, isn’t being flexible with your running plan part of the journey. Learning how to “roll with the punches” and make changes as you go.

Hopefully, I can start running again in a day or two. I’m waiting for this cough to knock itself out of me and then I will be back to running.  Until then I’m doing lots of squats, push-ups and sit-ups.

3/12-3/18 – 51.2 Mile Week 

Sunday – 4 miles treadmill at 8:40 pace
Monday – 10 miles treadmill  at 8:50 pace
Tuesday – 5.2 miles treadmill at 8:43 pace
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 10 miles treadmill at 8:39 pace
Friday – St. Patrick’s Day – 4 Mile Run with 2nd Sole
Saturday – 18 miles at 8:49 pace
Total –  51.2 miles



3/19-3/25 – 23 Mile Week 

Sunday – Easy 5 Miles
Monday – Easy 3 miles treadmill  at 8:54 pace
Tuesday – 10 miles treadmill at 8:49 pace
Wednesday – 5 miles treadmill at 8:46 pace
Thursday – Elliptical
Friday – Rest Day – Sick
Saturday – Rest Day – Still Sick – manged some strength training
Total –  23 miles

“Modest” Bodhi cuddles make most things better.

So while I have been sick I did miss my 20 miler. However, I am hoping that I can squeeze one in during the week if I feel better soon. Fingers Crossed.

Despite being sick, I did make it to Cokeburg PA to perform with my Croatian group Zumbercani. Sorry no video since I can’t take video while I am playing. You’ll just have to deal with this picture after we ate 2lbs of lamb and drank a bunch of beers. I thought drinking would kill my cold germs.



Race To A Million 5K

After racing bad many times and wanting to give up on running all together, I signed up for another race. Why? Because I love torture.

Actually, I signed up because it was a money race and I actually had a shot. For whatever reason this race has a small turnout. Probably because there are so many other races the same weekend as this race and the weekend before so everyone is recovering.

Before the race, I only saw 1-2 people that might beat me which I was ok with. The top 3 overall all got cash money. Like a good amount too. Ryan was also racing and his chances were the same as mine.

The morning of the race was cold and crazy windy. It felt like a winter day and I bet it kept runners at home that thought they would sign up when they got there.

The race started and I went out pretty conservatively. It had been awhile since I had done a speed race so no idea what to expect.

For the first time in forever, I felt really good and my legs actually felt like they knew how to run fast. My turnover had returned! As I glanced at my watch, I could see I wasn’t quite at the paces I wanted but as I neared the first mile I was in 4th place and the next person was in reach.

I wish I could say I sat back and waited to pass her but instead she was just barely faster than me. At the second mile, I looked at my watch and I could see that we both had slowed down. However, I felt great and my legs still had something left so I hoped the woman in front of me would continue to slow.

With a half mile to go I picked up the pace as she had gained a little bit of a lead on me. I was slowly closing in on the lead but not quite fast enough. As we made the last turn toward the finish line, she had just enough space and she got me. She took third while I took fourth.She took home cash while I took home a pumpkin. For real, they gave out mini pumpkins after the race.

As I tried to catch my breath, Ryan came over and I thought to myself, “well at least one of us brought home prize money.” However, Ryan informed me that he too came in fourth! He was recovering from just completing a marathon weeks prior and wasn’t quite ready to race.

Ryan loves the crying MJ meme so he thought it was perfect for the occasion.


I knew the race was close for third and I ran a time of 22:49. However, I found out I missed 3rd by 4 seconds! 4 SECONDS!

Oh well, I ran my best that day and that was all I was ready for.

Bandit thinks us racing is exhausting. I agree.

Towpath Half Marathon

When picking out races for the year, I had decided I was going to run the Presque Isle Erie Marathon as my fall full marathon. After some health issues over the summer, I decided it would be best if I picked a different fall marathon instead and decided I would run the Towpath Marathon. The Erie Marathon and Towpath Marathon are only a few weeks apart so I am not sure why I thought this would really make a difference. It should be no surprise that I ended up changing to the Half Marathon as I saw how poorly I was running this year.

However, for this race I went into it knowing that I would likely run very poorly and was hoping that I could go sub 1:50 for this race.

Race morning it was very cold for early October. I ended up wearing shorts and a tank top anyways but it was very chilly.

Exactly like the other half marathon I ran, my pace dropped significantly by the time I got to the 3rd mile. Unlike past races, I didn’t feel completely like I wanted to quit. Maybe I had just come to terms with my new slower paces. Maybe I just really love running on the Towpath.

In the past, I remember more fall colors during this race but there was actually a lot of green left on the trees. It was still really pretty to run through though. I think my only complaint would be that the path gets narrow in a few places and you have to go single file in both directions. For me it really wasn’t frustrating since I knew I wasn’t going to be running a PR and was already off my goal pace.

A lot of people will tell you that it is slower to run on the Towpath. I disagree with this statement, I feel like I run really well on the Towpath…normally. It’s softer on the body than running on asphalt.


The course is extremely flat and mostly out and backish. On the way back though I felt like it was taking forever to get to the Boston Store. Even with half a mile to go I was like where is it. It pops up so quickly once you get to it but i felt like I couldn’t even hear any spectators up ahead.

I ended up not running my goal time and finished with a time of 1:50:03. Officially hung up the running shoes on long distance races for the year after this one. Don’t get me wrong, I will be back and am still running long now. Just the racing long thing hasn’t been going so well. I did buy a giant bag of kettle corn after the race so I have that going for me.


Racing has gone extremely well for Ryan and he PR’d in the marathon at this race! Ended up finishing 5th overall.



Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1: Setting Small Goals

Officially Cleveland Marathon training for 1 week and already made some adjustments to my training. All of my runs were on the treadmill due to the icy and frigid temps in Cleveland. I can’t sign off on running in the snow and ice when my husband fell on the ice a few months ago and tore his bicep muscle and another friend broke his leg when he hit some black ice while running. Instead I will stay safe and sound on the treadmill until it is safe to run outside again.
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 10×400 with 400 recovery in between and 1 mile cool down. It was a tough workout. I was supposed to go 12×400 but my legs are still recovering from the New Orleans marathon so I cut 2 off.
Wednesday: 6 miles in the am and 2,050 meter swim (I think, it was my first masters swim class but I tried to keep track)
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: rest day and conditioning (Pushups, situps, squats, light weights)
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 1 hr spin at Ride+Workout, we did about 20 miles. Had 8 running miles on deck too but decided to go swimming instead. Then I decided to go swimming another day since the swim class was 1.5 hours long and I am not sure I am ready for that yet. I can swim 1.5 hours at my own pace but not with the Masters.
Total: 33 miles
First week with the Hanson’s plan plus triathlon training and overall not too bad. I had planned to ride on my training on Tuesday and Friday but Tuesday my quads were really sore so I didn’t want to push it and Friday I had a huge headache so I came home and laid down after work instead of hoping on the bike.
Cleveland Weather
Cleveland Weather
Weekly Goals:
  • I want to get all my workouts in this week, including a run on Sunday if I am not swimming.
  • I want to get on the bike trainer on Tuesday and Sunday night.
  • I want to go to masters swimming Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week (and 3 days a week at least from here on out!).
Bodhi is trying to recover from the training week
Bodhi is trying to recover from the training week
Do you set weekly goals? I do sometimes just because it breaks up the weeks and doesn’t make the training cycle seem as long.

A Christmas Story 10K

For years my last race of the year has been the Reindeer Run however, I have switched to running A Christmas Story race since it has a 10K distance and my husband is slightly obsessed with A Christmas Story the movie.

By slightly obsessed, I mean our Christmas card every year is A Christmas Story themed.

                    ChrristmasSentCards IMG_2692

The Christmas Story race last year had some horrible conditions from what I hear from Ryan. I was sick with Bronchitis and glued to the couch so I had to sit it out last year. This year I was very happy to see that the race weather was actually decent. A little windy but no snow and all the rain held off during the race.

This race is huge and draws a lot of runners and walkers. Which I feared would clog up the course, so I made sure to get close to the start line while not getting in the way of the top runners who would actually win the race. Kind of hard to figure out where to start when you have the 5K and 10K starting at the same time.

The race is an out and back course that starts by going up and over a bridge. While on the bridge you actually hit the 1 mile mark. After that the course is mainly flat and then it’s just a race to get to the Christmas story house if you are running the 5K. If you are running the 10K it is your turnaround (ish) point to head back to the startline/finish line.

A Christmas Story House
A Christmas Story House

I feel like I made it to the house quickly but my legs were just not moving. I mean they were moving and at a decent pace but I couldn’t get them to move any faster. I kept trying to catch the person in front of me but never could. On the way back the last bridge we had to go over had a ton of wind. Completely felt like running in place and not covering any distance. I probably lost about a minute on that bridge alone.

I picked up my pace once I got off the bridge and out of the wind. I ended up finishing 7th in my age group, 46:51 a 7:41 pace. Overall a good race but I was aiming for a 45.

Now that is the last race of the year. Next up is the New Orleans Marathon!