Nothing Hotter Than A Man Who Can Kolo and Secrets I Kept From My Man!

For the wedding we had my Uncle’s Croatian band play for a little bit. However, Ryan and his family knew little about Croatian dances and I hated to leave them out of the fun. Also, Ryan had this great idea to surprise me and was going to learn how to kolo for the wedding. (Kolo is the name of the dances.)

As the wedding grew closer, Ryan was uncomfortable having someone he didn’t know well teach him the dances so he asked me to teach him instead. I think he was sad he couldn’t surprise me with it but I was so happy he was willing to learn. Nothing hotter than a guy who can kolo. Ryan picked up the dances pretty easily but what Ryan didn’t know was that I was sneaking over to his Moms house to teach his Mom, Aunt and Cousin how to kolo as well!

IMG_1947 IMG_1948I was easily able to tell Ryan I was meeting with a vendor or a cousin or just getting wedding stuff done but really I was hanging out with his family teaching them to dance. It was so hard to not tell him about it because 1) it was so much fun, 2) they were picking it up so quickly and 3) I was so excited for Ryan to know the secret!

Practically professionals

I was able to teach Ryan’s family the same dances I was teaching him so they were all on the same page. I thought it would make Ryan feel more comfortable to have his family up dancing with him.

There he is
There he is

Somehow we didn’t get any professional pictures of Ryan koloing but someone did snap that picture for us. However, I really wish I could have seen Ryan’s friends faces when he jumped in to dance. They were loving watching the kolos.

Awesome band

My very talented Uncle and his very talented band played at the wedding. I had no idea my little, 10 year old cousin Gus, was joining them! When did he become better than playing prim than me! He may be replacing my cousin Julian as “the best prim player I know” in a few years. (I just realized I’ve never blogged about my favorite prim player!!!!)

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I love how much fun everyone seems to be having in these photos!