Wedding Favors and Fun Facts

When it came time to pick out wedding favors, one of the first things I thought of was that I wanted it to be either useful or edible. Out of all the weddings I have been to, those are the most memorable to me. The first idea we had was to have beer pint glasses made with our name and date on them. The more we thought about it, we thought it kind of weird for all of our friends and family to drink out of glasses with our name and wedding date. Plus it would be expensive for a large wedding.

The next idea was to have an edible favor and we decided to go with our favorite snacks. Ryan’s favorite snack is peanuts and mine is Swedish fish.

Ryan hard at work
Ryan hard at work

We stuffed little zip lock baggies (we probably looked like drug dealers with all the little baggies we bought) with either nuts or Swedish fish and then topped it with a piece of cardstock that had had been printed with a cartoon graphic of Ryan and I on the front and on the back was a fun fact. (Sorry for the run on sentence).


Back view of the favors and of course we stuck with our wedding colors of pink and green. Thanks for the photos @stovewithahouse 🙂

                                  IMG_2321 IMG_2322

Finished favors all ready to go.
Finished favors all ready to go.

We had 32 Fun Facts about us so there were many fun facts going around. Some tables might have had repeat fun facts, while others might have had all different ones.

Here are the Fun Facts we came up with.

  1. Jess and Ryan both dislike tomatoes
  2. Jess and Ryan are obsessed with anything pumpkin flavored
  3. Jess and Ryan love to run but we hope you already knew that.
  4. Between the two of them they have completed 18 marathons
  5. Jess and Ryan’s first date happened because of a pumpkin taco special they both wanted at Deagan’s.
  6. Jess and Ryan both play musical instruments. Good luck guessing which ones.
  7. On Jess and Ryan’s 1st date, Jess had no idea that Ryan texted the owner & asked for a romantic window table.
  8. Ryan has a box of ghostbusters in the basement. Jess has a box of my little ponies and several boxes of Barbie’s.
  9. Ryan and Jess both love buffalo chicken everything. This is how Jess tricked Ryan into thinking she can cook.
  10. Ryan hates to fly over water but they are honeymooning in the Bahamas anyways.
  11. Jess taught Ryan how to hard boil eggs. They now have hard boiled eggs in the fridge at all times.
  12. When Ryan proposed, Jess cried and he thought she was going to say no.
  13. Together, Jess and Ryan go through about 16 pairs of running shoes a year.
  14. When Jess and Ryan met, Jess thought Ryan was older, like 30s. Today Ryan is only 28
  15. Jess has no middle name. Ryan’s is Jeffrey. After his uncle.
  16. Jess and Ryan both love the beer Bodhi from Columbus Brewing Company. They plan to name their first dog after it.
  17. Ryan’s favorite meal that Jess makes is brussels sprouts. Not as a side dish but as a meal.
  18. Before Jess and Ryan started dating they grabbed coffee after a race…for over 2 hours. They could not stop talking and neither one wanted to leave.
  19. Jess and Ryan are known for being “freeze babies”.
  20. Whenever Jess and Ryan try to plan something on a weekend, the first thing they think of is, “wait…is there a race that weekend?”
  21. When they were dating, Ryan played and sang “Love your love the most” by Eric Church on guitar for her.
  22. Ryan hated chocolate cake…until he had Jess’s. Ryan will eat almost anything Jess makes.
  23. Ryan had the ring for about 3 weeks before he proposed. Waiting any longer was not an option.
  24. Ryan felt summer would be the earliest “socially acceptable” time to propose to Jess; he did so on June 2nd, 2012.
  25. Ryan kept the ring at his parents house for 3 weeks; he knew that if he kept it in his possession, he would propose immediately.
  26. Jess and Ryan are both Boston Marathoners.
  27. Jess and Ryan met at a race in 2009.
  28. Jess’s mom and Ryan are both high school math teachers.
  29. Jess loves to snack on marshmallows. Ryan originally thought this was weird but Jess has caught him snacking on them as well.
  30. Ryan and Jess decided early on what their first dance song would be after attending a Brad Paisley concert. However, a few months before the wedding they changed it to a different song.
  31. Ryan never wore a helmet while  riding a bike until Jess put her foot down and made him. Related: Jess had a bad bike crash in 2010…she WAS wearing a  helmet.
  32. Ryan has turned Jess into a craft beer fan. Jess will deny it but she is a fan of anything from stouts to barley wines to IPA’s to sours to Belgian tripels to…you get the idea.
Jess and Ryan both dislike Tomatoes
Jess and Ryan are obsessed with anything pumpkin flavored. 
Love to run but you already knew that.
 Between the 2 of them they have completed 16 marathons (18 if we both run Spring Marathons)
Jess and Ryan’s first date happened because of a pumpkin taco special that they both wanted at Deagan’s.
Jess and Ryan both play musical instruments. Good luck guessing which ones.
On Jess and Ryan’s 1st date, Jess had no idea that Ryan texted the owner & asked for a romantic window table. 
Ryan has a box of Ghostbusters in the basement. Jess has a box of my little ponies…and several boxes of barbies. 
Ryan and Jess both love buffalo chicken everything. This is how Jess tricked Ryan into thinking she can cook.
Ryan hates to fly over water but are going to honeymoon in the Bahamas anyways.

The Rehearsal Dinner

I’m Back!!!

Wow! Can you believe it has been a month since my last post?!?! I was so busy I didn’t even realize it. Between prepping for the wedding, the wedding, the honeymoon and the puppy (more on that soon) I have about 50 wedding posts to share with you guys. Just kidding, it’s closer to 25 🙂

Let’s start with the rehearsal dinner. Best way to get your entire wedding party and family to rehearsal dinner on time….tell them it starts 15 mins earlier than when they are supposed to be there.

Rehearsal DInner
This was a rough draft so it said 5:45 in the evening.

Our priest was pretty impressed that everyone was there early. He is known for having a speedy mass and told us the rehearsal is very quick and over in less than 30 mins. Are you serious? Most rehearsal dinners I have been to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to walk everyone down the aisle.

The Groom & his parents
The Groom & his parents
It was a long walk so I took a nap.
It was a long walk so I took a nap.

Our priest was not kidding. He literally went through everything ridiculously fast. We didn’t go over the readings, music, vows or anything.

I love each of the guys expressions in this picture.
I love each of the guys expressions in this picture.
These guys did sooo good at rehearsal. Plus they are adorable!
These guys did sooo good at rehearsal. Plus they are adorable!

Before I knew it the rehearsal was over and we were on our way to dinner.

Months before the wedding Ryan and I were searching for a place to have the rehearsal dinner and were having a really hard time. Some places were too expensive, others too far, some didn’t seat enough people and some had boring menus. Eventually a light bulb went on and we remembered that the Winking Lizard in Lakewood had a bowling alley/party room in the basement as well as a party room upstairs.

We went with the party room upstairs and it was perfect! We had our own bar with 2 bartenders, tons of tables to sit at, couches to relax on and an area set up for the buffet line. We had a choice of many different things on their catering menu but went with the chicken sandwich bar. You got tons of chicken and toppings (dressings, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheeses etc.) and we picked 2 sides, salad and french fries. So if you didn’t want a chicken sandwich you could turn it into a salad! I love the Winking Lizard and their food so this was perfect. Plus the space upstairs is really nice!

Ash, Me, Ry & Hope
Ash, Me, Ry & Hope

I did what I could to take pics but really I stole most of them from everyone else.

College Girlfriends
College Girlfriends

So thanks everyone for snapping pics for me to steal (Kyle, Melanie, Eli, Hope & Renee). I don’t need pics for the memories. I need them for blogging!

Me with the McCartney's!
Me with the McCartney’s!

Wedding planning went so well but it wasn’t 100% perfect. A gift I ordered on Etsy for my Bridesmaids never arrived 😦 It was pretty much the main gift for them. A cute handmade clutch in black and white that I hoped they’d be able to use again or at least use as a makeup bag. I ordered it 8 weeks in advance and it was supposed to ship in 6 weeks so I expected to have it 2 weeks early. I contacted the seller and was promised it would be here in time.

The day of the rehearsal dinner I had my fingers crossed that it would be there and it didn’t make it. I contacted the seller and pretty sure she never mailed them because she was quick to give me a refund. Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t have the gift I wanted for my girls and I also didn’t have a purse for myself the day of the wedding. The girls still got wine, custom made mirrors and earring/necklaces to wear for the wedding day but I still feel bad that they didn’t get their full gift.

Ryan’s guys got some awesome gifts. He did really good while shopping for them. Some got shirts, craft beer, gift cards or baseball hats. They all got green argyle socks to wear for the wedding day though.

Please contain your excitement boys.
Please contain your excitement boys.

For my Flower Girl and Ring Bearer I really struggled on gifts for them. They are both so young and I didn’t want to get them something that said ring bearer or flower girl on it. After searching I eventually stumbled upon capes. That’s right, what little kid doesn’t like super heroes and capes! But not just any cape, these were customized for them.

                                                  AlexaCape TommyCape

The rehearsal and dinner wasn’t as crazy as I expected. Must have been all my good planning…..and hanging out with this guy.

favphotoEtsy Vendors:
Capes: Pipe and Bean
Mirrors: Spotlight Mirrors
Purses that never showed: Do not order from this seller. FlorisBags


Another One Bites The Dust

I wonder what I was laughing at? Swear I wasn't drinking that much yet.
I wonder what I was laughing at? Swear I wasn’t drinking that much yet.

I debated writing and publishing this post because like most bachelorette parties there were some NSFW photos (NSFW=Not Safe For Work). Then I debated writing it even longer because it reminded me of the nasty hangover I received from it. I’m thankful that no one took a photo of me at the end of the night, the next morning or as I was puking out the car door on the drive home.

Let’s rewind.

Unlike most bachelorette parties, I wanted to go for a run, go paint balling or to a firing range, followed by drinking and playing flip cups in the yard. For many reasons I knew that was not going to happen. Instead I requested a spa day followed by dinner and drinks Downtown.

IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1908

We headed to PJ’s Day Spa in Fairview Park. I’d never been there before but I loved it! We had not only our own room but an entire floor to ourselves. Mini kitchen, nail area, cool fountains, massage rooms and bathrooms. Not sure there are many other places that we’d receive such good treatment.

After the spa some people went home, some people went to get ready at the hotel and some came to get ready at the house with me. Time was flying by but I have to thank my bridesmaid Eli for snapping pictures throughout the day and night. Otherwise I wouldn’t have very many.

Eli and Steph hooked me up with a sash and crown. Bachelorette Barbie!
Eli and Steph hooked me up with a sash and crown. Bachelorette Barbie!

We had about 15 girls, including my Mom, sister and future Mother in law and we all met up at Chinato for dinner. I haven’t been there in awhile but the food was good and our service was perfect….they were even nice when I broke my wine glass.

Swear I wasn't drunk...yet
Swear I wasn’t drunk…yet

After dinner my Mom, sister, future MIL and my cousin/MOH all left. I was sad my MOH had to leave but she had a family emergency. Still she made sure that she put girls in charge and made sure I had a good night. She was also the one that arrange a perfect night out for me.

So glad we got a pic! My wonderful MOH
So glad we got a pic! My wonderful MOH

It was too early to go to the bars and start dancing so we headed over to the casino for a bit. The casino in Cleveland is still fairly new (been open a little over a year?) but it was my first time going and I won!!!

WinningMoney All the girls CroatianGirls

We were really good about staying together and keeping track of all the girls and only stayed at the casino for an hour before heading over to W.6th. I have not been out on W.6th in years and I had an absolute blast! We hit up an old favorite, Velvet Dog rooftop bar and a newer one The Barley House. Made me feel like I was 22 all over again.

The girls at Velvet Dog
The girls at Velvet Dog

I have to thank all my girls for coming out and making sure I had a blast on my last night out as a single lady. They all made sure I had a good time and spoiled me with sexy gifts.

Lots of pink! Love it!
Lots of pink! Love it!

The next morning I woke up and was so proud that after beer, wine, beer, shots, beer, beer, beer, shot, beer, beer, that I wasn’t hungover. It was a miracle! Then as we left the hotel, we got in the elevator and I suddenly felt hungover. Luckily Eli drove down with me and was able to drive me home.

I asked one of our groomsmen if he had a hangover cure and he sent me this.

Baby growler of Jackie O's Mandala
Baby growler of Jackie O’s Mandala

Things I left out of this post, the guy who bought us shots at the casino, the new boyfriend I picked up at the casino, the balloon penis hat (that eventually popped), the balloon strap on penis (oh wait you can kind of see it above), the weird guys who gave me a condom for my strap on, the weird guy who had a shirt with a picture of himself on it, losing and finding a girl at the end of the night and a picture of us all at the end of the night.

Blooper Photo:
Eli’s camera went off and she snapped this gem of me.

Patience Party Girl
Patience Party Girl

Looking back at my bachelorette party makes me realize how awesome my friends are! Cannot wait to celebrate with them all in 17 days!


No, I Am Not Totally Freaking Out

You know all those posts I wrote about having everything under control and talking about how easy all this wedding planning is? I think I have jinxed myself and am now eating my words. That or I’m a huge liar. I’m not sure what happened, I started early and was chipping away at planning. I was setting deadlines for myself and getting things done all the time. I was still marathon training and spending time with friends and life was great.

Then all of the sudden, I’m busy ever minute of the day, the wedding to-do list has added up as well as the wedding budget. They weren’t kidding that those little things start to add up. “WHY DIDN’T I BUY BUBBLES IN JANUARY?” “What day of the week is it anyway?” Seriously, I’ve asked myself that question every day this week. Time is seriously flying.

I knew all along that when you hit the 6 week mark, everything gets crazy busy. Everything is due at once and you have showers, bachelorette parties, favors, seating charts and a million other things all at once. Not to mention, marathon training and trying to have a social life. I think I have 9 to-do lists right now, can’t keep the calendar straight and have accidentally double booked myself for events…twice.

These next few weeks are going to be super busy. Almost every weekend is filled from now til the wedding with cookouts, baby showers, my wedding shower, my bachelorette party, dinner plans, turkey party and work functions. Not to mention anything else I have during the week. Then I magically have to get all the wedding stuff done in between.

However, in 43 days, I get to marry my best friend, celebrate with our friends and family and then take a nice relaxing vacation. Just. The. Two. Of. Us.

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us, (Just the two of us)
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

That song annoys me to no end but after I typed it I got it stuck in my head so I’m hoping to annoy you too.

Cannot come soon enough

So my best advice is to get as much done as you can early on. Wedding dates are closer than they appear.

Disclosure: I’ve barely slept all week and am not proofreading or spell checking this post. How many times did I repeat myself? Don’t answer that. Ashley-I promise not to fall asleep while watching your kids tonight.


Wedding Update: I’ve been a busy girl.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how everything is turning out and how well planned everything is going so far. My plan “get as much as I can done early in the year” plan is working out perfectly. Next weekend will be my 6 week mark, which according to wedding planning sites and timelines, things get kinda crazy. Instead, I have it all under control.

However, instead of stressing out about invitations, assembling, addressing, stamping, etc. I did a little bit here and there and before I knew it I was done! They were completed about a month before they actually needed to go out.

Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
The whole invitation set
The whole invitation set

And before anyone thinks I am completely crazy and hole punched a million holes to make the belly band (belly band=thingy that hold the invitation and pieces together). I had this nifty hole puncher and punched it on about 2 inch strips of paper. TaDa!

Nifty hole puncher
Nifty hole puncher

Then they had to sit on the floor for a month because I didn’t want to mail them too early.

That's a lot of invites.
That’s a lot of invites.

Other things that have been completed are:

  • Flower Girl dress ordered and after having to switch vendors. I love the second dress even more.
  • Changed our first dance song but I’ll explain that in another post.
  • Bridesmaids dresses are in! I never really had a chance to see them in person until they were in and I love them. phew! They are pink, obviously, but I didn’t know if they would be hot pink, purply pink or coral pink. They are perfect and exactly what I pictured.
  • Finally, decided on a guest book, one that made my Mother and I both happy. (I really liked the finger print ones but she did not. With over 400 guests it’s kind of hard to do anyways)
  • Ryan and I picked out church music and started picking out “must play” songs for the DJ. Personal favorites are “Shout” and “Footloose”. Although, I talked Ryan into adding “Low” and “Country Grammar”. Hopefully those are played after the Bakas leave.
  • Picked out wedding bands. It was a lot easier than I expected. We both knew exactly what we wanted.
  • I had my first dress fitting and fell in love with my dress all over again. I especially love it bustled and I had no idea how the bustle would look when I ordered the dress. I did discover that the jewelry I planned on wearing didn’t really go. Good thing I took my jewelry with me to try on with my dress.
  • Found a ring bearer pillow! I didn’t want one of the tradition satin pillows and almost didn’t have a pillow instead. After searching on Etsy, I found one that I love! However, I am not going to show you til the wedding. I’m mean like that.
  • I got my shoes. It took me awhile to find a pair I liked and I was very limited. I needed a 2-3/4 length heel because that’s what I was measured in when I ordered my dress. I also needed them to be pink, which I couldn’t find so I had them dyed. They are perfect. Contact Parisxox on Etsy if you want yours done. Very fast turn around. Local shops in the area wanted me to buy their shoes to dye but they didn’t have the heel height I needed.
  • I found a cute mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift also on etsy. Pretty sure the gift will make them both cry but it’s really cute.
  • Garter-Found on Etsy. Think antique/bling.
  • Bridesmaids gifts-parts of them I got on Etsy but can’t give it away because some of my bridesmaids read this!

Are you seeing the Etsy trend here. I found so many great wedding items there. I was looking for some special touches and to make the wedding a little different from a traditional wedding.

Coming up next:

  • Picking out readings for mass and meeting with the priest one last time before the rehearsal.
  • Last dress fitting and hair and make-up trial. I’m doing them on the same day so I’ll have an idea what I’ll look like on our wedding day.
  • Wedding Shower– my cousin/matron of honor is absolutely amazing. If she didn’t have kids of her own I’d owe her my first born.
  • Finishing my “cork project“. Yet another thing I won’t show you til after the wedding but very exciting about this added touch.
  • Adding ribbon to the bubbles. I actually almost forgot about the bubbles! The bubbles were cheaper without ribbons so I bought my own and am tying them on.
  • Ripping out my hair. Oops I mean making the seating chart. Just waiting on all the RSVPs to start that one.
  • Bachelorette Party-Another huge thanks to my MOH for this one. Ashley, if you ever need a kidney, lung or anything else I have a double of, it’s all yours. You Rock!
  • Ceremony Programs-Hoping to start these next week after we meet with the priest.

Am I forgetting anything? I still need my something blue and something borrowed but I’m working on it.

Reception last dance song, fast or slow? I’m thinking fast but what are your favorites.

Disclosure: If you are a Bride and really want to know a specific etsy item, email me and I will gladly share. There will be a lot of blog posts after the wedding. Sorry/your welcome.


Surviving Wedding Planning: Hint it’s easy!

Anyone planning a wedding right now if going to hate me for saying this but WEDDING PLANNING IS EASY!!!! It’s probably not meant to be but for me it has been easy and very little stress. I even admit the few things I stress about are dumb. I think part of the reason it has been so easy for me is most girls have dreamt about getting married since they were little girls. I was not one of those girls.

I have however been to a ton of weddings. I had 2 years where I was attending 10 weddings a year, some were back to back (one on Friday and another one on Saturday) and some were out of town. It was crazy and I still refer to it as “Wedding Palooza”. However, through attending so many weddings I was able to narrow down what I liked and didn’t like. It came in handy when planning my wedding. Also, since most of my friends are married, wedding planning advice and vendor recommendations came to me like crazy.

A couple of things that stressed me out were (and they were all little things):

  • My Church. Specifically my Priest. We want a traditional catholic wedding and don’t plan on adding or changing a whole lot. However, we were informed of a set way that the procession HAS to be. Every wedding I have been in, the bride and groom were able to decide on that and we had already planned on ours being a certain way. Stressful yes. But not the end of the world and no one is going to notice. Basically everyone has to walk down as couples and we wanted the girls to walk down by themselves (nothing crazy but we were told no). Not sure how that will work since we don’t have an even numbers of guys and girls lol. Also, priest wanted us to see each other before the wedding and I said NO WAY! Ryan and I both wanted the first time he sees me to be when I am walking down the aisle. That moment will be priceless aka one of us will probably cry.

    My church!!!!
  • The Church Again. We were told our wedding would be the only one that day. There is now a wedding before ours and now the earliest we can get to church is 30 mins before. Most of the guests will start getting there around then so it will be crazy. I now  have to get ready at home instead of in the bridal suite at the church (the bride before me gets the suite, first come first serve). Also, we cannot decorate the church now since we will only get there 30 mins before and guests will already be there and the previous wedding will be taking theirs down. 😦 Originally, I thought “Hey that will save us money!” but now me and my bridesmaids are taking the limo to the ceremony so there goes the money we would have saved. I don’t want to risk getting in and our of a car in my dress. Need some space for these things 🙂
Not my limo but pretty sweet looking
  • Lost a Bridesmaid. One of my best friends and bridesmaids is due about 10 days before the wedding and decided to gracefully step down. It’s still really hard to think that she’s not a bridesmaid. She’s now an Unofficial Bridesmaid and I’m including her in everything still. However, her dropping out gave me the push to ask someone else I had originally wanted in the wedding. I had wanted to ask another cousin but couldn’t decide and this made my decision!
Some bridesmaids and 1 unofficial bridesmaid.
Some bridesmaids and 1 unofficial bridesmaid.
  • Shoes! I’ve had 4 pairs ordered and sent to me but had to send them all back for being too big! Ordered smaller sizes and they were still too big. I needed a specific shoe height since my dress was ordered for that shoe height. (this way when the dress is altered I don’t lose any of the design or shape of the dress. Short people problems). BUT I found shoes!!! Now I just need to get them dyed PINK!
  • My Dress! I ordered it in August and was told it would be in at the end of January/Early February. It came in last week. Good thing I ordered it early!
  • Honeymoon. We tossed around some ideas but had a hard time deciding due to “someone’s” fear of flying over water. However, I’m kinda glad because due to that, we are now going to 2 places for our honeymoon!

And that’s it! That’s all the stress I’ve had. I’m lucky to have a Fiance who helps me out whenever I need it. I have the best bridesmaids who let me ramble about wedding nonsense. I have a Maid of Honor that I text daily about wedding stuff. And I have a Mom who is beyond understanding, helps me out with the wedding when I need it and she talks me away from doing things that may be too trendy and will look dumb in a couple years. She keeps me grounded. (and not the “in trouble” grounding. we save that for my sister)

Doesn't she just look like trouble.
Doesn’t she just look like trouble.

Overall my advice is plan ahead and plan early. We picked our wedding date early. Looked at a calendar and narrowed down some dates, then called the church and reception hall to see what matched up. Once the date was picked we booked anything that might get booked fast like the DJ, band and photographer. Every month I set some goals on what I want to get done and do them. Right now my goals are to finish assembling invitations and work on my place card project. I know about 6 weeks before the wedding it gets kinda crazy busy but hopefully I have planned ahead and it’s not too bad.

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. No one is going to care or even remember the font you used or the envelope colors. Yes these are things I think about.

Anyone out there a stressed out bride? I feel like I am the exception.


Not Stressed Yet: A Wedding Update

Right now, I am really glad I started all of the wedding planning early. If not, I would be super stressed and overwhelmed. My plan all along was to get as much done as early as I could so that I wouldn’t be stressed closer to the wedding. The wedding is still 157 days away, yes we are still counting but it’s flying by now. Not to mention I am super busy. All my time not spent at work or running is now spent wedding planning. Every evening and weekend is consume with wedding planning but I love it!

todos80 to-dos to go according to my checklist on the knot. Some of those are easy things like, get your nails done before the wedding, check that bridesmaids ordered dresses, get fitted for your dress etc. Not included is register and go to pre-cana 😦 or help your Mom pick out a mother of the bride dress 🙂 But we tackled that last weekend. Also, my Mom hates shopping, especially the mall.

I need this chair!
I need this chair!

My Mom knew exactly what she wanted in a dress. Short in length, had to have sleeves (even if sheer) and preferred the color purple. She had scoped out some dresses online and hoped they had it in store. When we got to the store, they had her dress in stock but she entertained me and tried on multiple other dresses even though she knew she had already found the one. I can’t believe we found her a dress after going to just 1 store and in less than an hour!

My Mom also made a special trip out to my house to help me with invitations. To save money I decided to do them myself. To save paper I put multiple invitations on one page, and same with rsvps, directions, etc. However, I am somehow challenged and cannot cut paper. I have this giant fancy paper cutter and somehow can’t cut in a line. Thankfully, Mom is super crafty and came to my rescue.

Hard at work
Hard at work

We finalized our wedding favors, we had changed our minds a couple times but I’m happy with what we ended up with. It will be a DIY project so I’ll share it with you closer or after the wedding. But you may have already saw this sneak peak but we added a few things to it after this picture was taken.

Love seeing our names together like this.
Love seeing our names together like this.

Then I realized we already had all of our rehearsal dinner information so I went ahead and created the invitations for that late last night. My plan is to save on stamps and send them out with the invitations. It’s always nice to get stuff done in advance to I don’t have to worry about it later on. Other ways to save on rehearsal dinner invites is to send an evite, facebook invite, or mass mail. I’ve seen it all.

It looks better without all the top secret information blocked out.
It looks better without all the top secret information blocked out. And also if I could crop a picture without cutting it off.

Next week I meet with the florist, Vesna, so that will be one more thing to cross off my list and stop having nightmares about. My dress is not in yet but I’ll wait til March to stress out about that. (It was supposed to be in late January/early February.) I’ve been working on centerpieces for awhile now but I’m very very close to being done. Expected to be done by this weekend. Took a little longer than expected but worth it. It is so far my only Pinterest inspired wedding item, which is shocking.

Next couple things I need to tackle include actually booking the honeymoon. I think we finally figured it out (going to 2 places now). Need to finalize my flower girl dress. Need to assemble the invitations as well as address them all. Need to figure out gifts for the wedding party and parents.

What are some of your favorite wedding party gifts?