Wedding Palooza Part 2

On July 2nd two more of my close friends tied the knot and they still consider me a friend after all these years so I was lucky enough to get invited. The now Mrs. Maria Hellriegel and I attended grade school and high school together. So we go way back….

I now present the Mr. and Mrs. James Hellriegel

Maria and Jim


They could not have held their reception at a more beautiful place, Quail Hollow. The food was seriously amazing and dessert…


I pretty much pounded it. See that chocolate square thing. It’s called a petite four and is my FAVORITE!!!!! Cute little mini buttercream cakes. Love them.


My camera was having issues but I still managed to snap a good picture of the first dance.


Pretty good looking date as well….no he does not own a razor but he can tear up the dance floor.


She made a very brief apparence…possibly during the polka….


It would take me way too long to explain why we had to take a picture in front of the Concord Room but ask me and I will explain. But pretty sure you had to be there.


I wish the very best to Jim and Maria Hellriegel and many happy years together.

P.S. 2 more weddings to go this year. Halfway there, oooo oooo living on a prayer..


Changes In My Friday Plans

My Friday night did not go as planned. The original plan was to attend the VIP dinner for the Cleveland Marathon. However, there was an Indians game downtown and traffic was out of control. So after an hour of traffic, I scrapped dinner and headed out to the Tremont Art Walk instead.

My Favorite Gallery. Tons of Cleveland Art!
The boys checking out the artwork
The Cleveland Auction Co.

 At some point we ended up at Visible Voice Bookstore and I had to restrain myself from buying any books. (I am currently reading 2 different books and have a pile waiting to be read)

In front of Visible Voice they had live music and hula hoops. Of course we had to test these things out.

Swing those hips boy!
Put your hands up, they're playing your song. It's a party in the USA
I wasn't too bad myself.

Fun Fact, I won a hula hoop contest when I was 5. Maybe I should take on Heather for a challenge…

There was also live Classical music outside of Tremont Scoops.

We ended the night at A Cookie and A Cupcake

So many choices! Can't I just eat them all?
Cupcake Heaven

 Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pick up my 2 favorite ladies(My Mom and Sister) and take them to the expo!