The most common uncommon running injury.


Let’s go back to October 29th, 2013…about 10 days ago.

Just your normal Tuesday, went to work and then to the track for some speed work. OH! And it was my 30th Birthday! As I got out of the car to walk to the track I felt like I had a side stitch. That would be weird though because I hadn’t even started running yet! Literally, went to work, changed, drove to the track and when I got out of the car I had a side stitch.

I was able to get through my workout but had a side stitch the rest of the day. Wednesday, I woke up with a side stitch. I tried to go for a run and had to turn around after only running .3 miles.

My initial thought was that I somehow pulled something. All day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was in pain but it felt like a side stitch, only on my right side in my ribs. I attempted to run again but the pain got worse the more I ran. I decided to shut down the running since I was planning to run the Towpath Half Marathon.

To pass the time I took pictures of my husband putting up the leg lamp. Our neighbors probably think we are crazy but every November 1st, the leg lamp goes up. Ryan is probably the biggest Christmas Story movie fan you will ever meet.

November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day
November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day

Saturday I had even more pain in my ribs and a sharp stabbing pain in my back. Definitely getting worse but I refused to go to the doctor in hopes that it was a fluke and I could run on Sunday. I had been googling my symptoms and was pretty sure it was appendicitis or gallbladder so I distracted myself and went outlet mall shopping with my Mom and sister.

Ridding the train at the outlet mall
Ridding the train at the outlet mall

Saturday night I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be running my “A” race on Sunday. Yet another race where I trained hard and couldn’t even start the race.

Instead I got to watch Ryan capture a new PR! At least one of us can stay healthy.

Fast Finish
Fast Finish

Monday I finally went to the doctor, after almost a week of being in pain. The doctor told me it’s not gallbladder or appendicitis but costocondritis. I was like, ummm, what? Basically it’s an inflammation in your ribcage. Of course my first question was “How long til it heals?” and my second question was “Can I run?” It could take weeks for it to heal ūüė¶ However, I’ve been cleared to run….if it doesn’t hurt. Sadly it hurts pretty bad so I won’t be running.

I was told this is actually pretty common in runners. “Wait, what? you inflame your ribcage from running?” Exactly my thoughts. Here this whole time I’m worried about feet, knees, legs etc and never imagined you could injure your ribs.

To top it off, I had an allergic reaction on Tuesday at work and my eye swelled up all day Wednesday and Thursday. I CAN’T WIN!!!

I take back everything I ever said about 30 not being so bad.

This guy is a good nurse though!
This guy is a good nurse though!

Anyone else ever have an odd running injury? I know 2 other runners who have also battled rib pain, Emily and Chelsea.


Yet Another Busy Weekend

Yet another busy weekend and I can tell you next weekend will be just as busy.

Friday night I did my long run so that I could get everything I needed to get done on Saturday and be rested for a 5K race on Sunday. However, I did not anticipate 85+ degrees on Friday or a thunderstorm that started while I was 5 miles from home.

Saturday I spent most of the morning running errands, cooking and baking for my sister’s 10th birthday party!

My sister and her BFF's/cousins
My sister and her BFF’s/cousins

My family has had an outdoor cookout/ pig roast for 10 years now for my sisters birthday. This year it decided to rain ūüė¶

We got rained on
We got rained on

Also this year we had chickens on the spit instead of roasting a pig ūüė¶ I missed the roasted pig. Sadie was the pig from last year if you remember.

No piggies, just chickies
No piggies, just chickies

Bodhi of course made friends with the big dog.

Playful puppies
Playful puppies

Probably because my Mom’s dogs were ignoring him.

I like to think these guys are jealous.
I like to think these guys are jealous.

The kids were playing a game where they spun each other really tight on the swing and then let go.

Lisa's turn
Lisa’s turn

Lisa was spun so tight that she was dizzy and fell off the swing and into a mud puddle and was sick for the rest of her party. (I’m pretty sure the same thing happened last year so maybe we’ll work on that whole getting wiser with age thing.)

I asked her to show me how old she was and this was all she could show me.

Post spinning incident
Post spinning incident

Don’t worry she rallied for cake and presents.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Sunday we raced the Stroll & Roll 5K, recap coming tomorrow but also my college friends all came to visit!

Girlfriends + husbands + babies=a full house!
Girlfriends + husbands + babies=a full house!

I love that I’ve stayed friends with them all since we graduated college. I’m also glad that the farthest ones is only 2 hours away. I don’t know what I would do without all of them. I still can’t believe that we are all married and some are having kids already.

My college roommate has a baby!
My college roommate has a baby!

Even Bodhi was wiped out after all the visitors. He actually fell asleep while playing with me.

Yes he is wearing he Browns jersey again.
Yes he is wearing he Browns jersey again.

How far do your college friends live?

Disclaimer: I did not proofread this post. I also did not even press the spell check button. This is for you Mom aka grammar police.


MidTown Cleveland HealthLine Classic 10K

This was my official first race back and I waited a whole week and a half to even blog about it. Whoops! Bad runner blogger.

Apparently, I registered too late so I didn’t receive this year’s shirt. They did give me one from last year though. It’s a fairly nice wicking shirt, too big like most shirts, perfect for the dudes though.

Race day morning was freezing! Pretty sure it was in the 30s, not what I expect for the beginning of October. I bundled up and went for a warm up anyways. And by bundle I mean, 2 shirts, capris, gloves and hand warmers.

My goal for this race since it was my first race back was to run around 8 min miles. First mile…6:37…oops. I did get better for the remaining miles and was in the 7:30s-7:50s. The whole race was fairly flat and went through some streets just outside of downtown Cleveland. One of those areas where it’s not safe to run at anytime…unless there is a race ūüôā

I have to say I was pretty happy with how my first official race back went. I didn’t really know what to expect and was really nervous about my IT band. I ended up finishing in 47:21 a 7:38 pace and 5th in my age group. Normally I wouldn’t care about placing in my age group but check out these awards.

It’s a brick!

Ok, I know to some it is just a brick but I think it is a pretty cool award. Something different than the plaques and medals.

Because this race happened on October 13th, I’ve already ran another race. Hopefully, I get that recap up here soon ūüôā


Pumpkin Party 2012 & A Recipe

What better way to celebrate fall than with a pumpkin themed party and a couple craft beers.


We had a bunch of our friends over to celebrate and asked them all to bring a pumpkin dish. We had a ton of awesome dishes. Some of the entrees¬†included Pumpkin risotto, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin salsa, pumpkin chili¬†and pumpkin pizzas. Some of the desserts¬†included pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin snickerdoodles, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin fluff, pumpkin chex mix and pumpkin muffins. There were probably at least 12 more that I didn’t list.


Which is probably why there are all these leftovers we still have to eat…or take to work ūüėČ

Now here is the recipe for the cupcakes I made.

Pumpkin cupcakes made with Southern Tier Pumking beer with pumpkin pie frosting.


  • White cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 cup Southern Tier Pumking beer
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

Bake cupcakes as stated on the box.

Frosting: Recipe I found on Pinterest

  • 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup evaporated milk
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream

Preheat oven to 425. Spread frosting mix in a well greased pan and cook for 35-40 mins. Cool in a refrigerator and then scoop into a frosting bag.


Themes are my favorite, especially themed parties.

What are your favorite themed parties?


Breaking All My Pre-Race Rules

Call me crazy but for some reason I thought the weather would be warmer in Vegas than in Cleveland so I brought very little winter gear. Which is why in the picture below I am freezing waiting for the tram.

Silly little girl

Walking around Vegas with no coat on in 30 degree weather, I was just asking to get sick. I probably didn’t get sick though because I was carb loading like a pro! First stop before the expo was breakfast with Beal and John at Hash House A Go Go

John, Me and Beal

I of course had to order their pancakes, which are HUGE!!! I was really hungry and when I started I was determined that I could finish it…..that didn’t quite happen but it was delicious.


Next stop was the expo which I swore opened at 9 but didn’t open til 10 so I had to stand in line and wait for them to open the doors. It was PACKED! I completely expected it though with 44,000 runners. With as big of a race as this was, the price of the registration. the populararity of it this year¬†and it being a Rock N’ Roll Race, I expected a lot from this expo and¬†thought it would have as many exhibitors as Chicago or Boston. I was highly disappointed in the expo though. The Detroit Marathon expo was bigger and better than this expo.

Let the crowding begin

A little #dirtyrunner photo op made up for the expo though. That is me on the left and Beal on the right.

                              DSCN1947 DSCN1948

After the expo I broke one of my pre-race rules and grabbed a beer. I have a no drinking policy (also no ice cream and no mexican)¬†the day before a race but since the race was at night the next day and I had over 24 hours it wasn’t really the day before yet, right?

I made up for it by more carb loading with my favorite, CREPES!

             DSCN1975 DSCN1980

Broke yet some more pre-race rules and did a ton of walking. It was my first time in Vegas and I wanted to check out all these hotels. I finally rested when I went and saw my first Circus du Soleil show, Zumanity.

“ZUMANITY unveils the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil. This mischievous production blends playful innuendo with daring eroticism in the intimate ZUMANITY Theatre. A provocative cabaret-style production, ZUMANITY features outrageous humor, alluring acrobatics and intoxicating dance set to the pulse of intoxicating rhythms. Only at New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.”

The show was HILARIOUS! Definitely a must see.

 I wish I could say I went to bed and rested after the show since I had a marathon the next day but instead I went to the casino and gambled til 3am.

Do you have anything special you do or don’t do before a big race?


Doodle Bug is A Big Girl Now

Shame on you if any of you thought the title of this post was about me. Do I look like a ‚Äúdoodle bug‚ÄĚ to you and pretty sure I already am a big girl‚Ķ.almost

Doodle Bug is of course the best little sister in the world, who also goes by the name Dida or Lisa Anna Bridgeda or just Lisa is fine too. And today she turned 8!!! Why is she getting so big? Can we go back to when she was this big?

                 DSC00361  DSC00382

Copy (2) of DSC01097DSC00769DSC00979

Aww, she was sooooo cute! ok still is.

DSC00995 DSC01522DSCN1865

Throughout the past 8 years I have we done the normal sister stuff even though we are 20 years apart….my mom is crazy…or was smart enough to plan it so she would always have a babysitter. But I always wanted a baby sister so she was def worth the wait!

                      DSCN1654    DSCN1378

Happy 8th Birthday Doodle Bug!!! Now please stop growing, you are almost taller than me!

P.S. I am exhausted from chaperoning her birthday party at the movie theater that is why this post is so short…your welcome


Wedding Palooza Part 3

Wedding Palooza Part 3 and can you believe there are still 2 more to go.

A couple weekends ago I ventured out to Washington D.C. area to witness the marriage of 2 more of my friends, Brandi and Steve.

Brand and Steve

The actual wedding took place in Maryland, which before I got there sounded funny but once there I realized how easy it was to be in so many different states while in the D.C. area.

This was my first outdoor wedding and the weather could not have been more perfect!

DSCN1525  DSCN1548 DSCN1564

There was a little bit of a Hawaiian theme for the ceremony which was really neat, see the Hawaiian band pictured above. Dinner was small but I filled myself up with wine to make up for it. And the band for the reception was huge at least 15 people and during shout (my fav wedding song) the whole band came out onto the dance floor.

Just let me eat my damn chocolate in peace, sheesh!

Party Girl was in attendance but I think you have had enough of those photos so I will let you enjoy a photo of me eating chocolate seductively? while getting my nose picked. I mean if that’s not hot I don’t know what is.

Congratulations Brand and Steve!!!!!


Washington D.C.

Once Upon A Time….or about 2 weekends ago I went on my little weekend jaunt to D.C. to attend Wedding Palooza Part 3. However, while there I tried to enjoy all the sights and sounds of D.C.

The day started out by waking up at the awful hour of 3am, packing (yeah, I wait til the last minute) and then starting the drive, oh wait returned movies at 4:30am and then drove around for 25 mins trying to find a gas station open before 5am AND THEN started the nice long drive to D.C. But the garmin said it would only take 5 hours so that sounded like a deal to me.

After stopping for coffee, gas and taking a minor detour to an outlet mall I arrived in D.C. 8ish hours later. First stop was to locate hotel in Dupont and then drive around and waste time since I was too early to check in. Also, perfect timing because I needed some lunch so it was off to Busboys and Poets, where it is perfectly acceptable to get a sangria before 2pm ūüôā After lunch, there was still time to drive around so I headed up to Georgetown to see what all the fuss was about.

Cute Georgetown Houses

I had been warned about D.C. traffic but didn’t expect it on a Thursday in the afternoon. So that was quite the experience in itself, after spending an hour milling around Georgetown shops I headed to check into the hotel, mostly so I could squeeze in a nap workout.

If you are wondering why there are so little photos in this post, it’s probably because I drove 8 hours and didn’t shower so I didn’t want my picture taken. I was tired and cranky because instead of napping I decided to work out for 2 hours. Traffic in D.C. also made me cranky.¬†I also had a massive cold and words can’t describe how awful it was.

For dinner I spotted the cutest restaurant, Circa at Dupont,¬†with a nice big patio that I thought would be perfect for dinner to sit on. Well apparently for dinner it basically turns into a loud bumping nightclub ūüė¶ Also spent an hour driving in circles trying to find parking because I didn’t realize it was less than a mile from the hotel, oops. Oh and the dress code in Cleveland is not comparable to the dress code in D.C., I was dressed up and still underdressed! To salvage the night I decided ice cream would be the fix so I headed on over to Mr. Yogato, which I thought was like Menchies…it wasn’t but the idea of it was fun. Check the website rules out to see what I mean, I witnessed dancing and people with stamps on their heads.).

So day 1 was not all rainbows and lollipops are whatever that saying is but I promise it got better from there (minus the cold, that stayed all weekend).

                         DSCN1575   DSCN1578

Friday was the wedding that I know you all read about but Saturday I was able to spend the entire day being a tourist…right after I had an early lunch with some college friends at Rosa Mexicano, they need to come to Cleveland, so yummy. Saturday I spent time at the National Archives where I got to see the Declaration of Independence, got to hang out at the Internal Spy Museum, serioulsy walked around D.C. looking at monuments for about 8 hours before grabbing dinner at Jaleo.

Sunday was an early start for me because of course I had to get a run in before walking around D.C. again. First stop was to Arlington National Cemetary. Probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t 100 degrees and I was instantly sweating just stepping outside. But even with that I thought it was pretty cool and a must see.

             DSCN1585 DSCN1592

How cool if the pic of Manchild holding the flag in the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument?

            DSCN1594 DSCN1621

After walking all day Saturday renting bikes was a must! Slightly dorky bikes but tons of fun and made it so much easier to get around and see stuff. Yes that is me, oh you know, just biking infront of the White House. No biggie


This is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip but seriously took a lot of pictures of this monument. Probably because it is so big you can see it from all over the place.

I probably left out a couple things, I know I ate at more restaurants but can’t remember where and I learned how to take the metro! Go Moja!

Have you been to D.C.? What is your favorite? I am sure I missed lots.




Warrior Dash 2011

Before I went to the Warrior Dash on Saturday I was aware that it was a race with obstacles and I looked up those obstacles on YouTube to get a taste of what I was in for. Looking at some of the top times I decided there must be a bunch of slackers who run this and I wanted to crush them. 

 Manchild and I had a plan. We were going to sprint and run through all the areas we could run and then catch out breath on the obstacles. Sounds like a good plan right?

Starting Line
Can you spot me?

In order to properly execute this plan we needed to be in the front of the pack. Since it was a corral that you start in, we got in early, say about 30 mins before. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there in the corral early.

And we are off
There I am!

 As the race starts you have about a mile of trail running to get to the first obstacle. There are signs warning you that an obstacle is coming up. The first obstacle that I ran into was Road Rage, basically climbing all over old cars, followed immediately by running through tires. Tip: Run fast through the tires or you will fall. At this point my quads were saying no more. I am used to straight running not running and jumping but I was excited for the next obstacle which was Dead Weight Drifter. This one was fun, you were in about waist deep water (for me at least) and climbed over floating logs. Tip: Decide how you are going to get over the logs, dive over them, under them, throw one leg over at a time etc.                

¬†Next up was the Barricade Breakdown, climb over 3 foot wall, then climb under barbed wire. More killing for my quads since there were at least 5 walls to climb. Run to the next obstacle and I was relieved to see it involved arms, Great Warrior Wall. About a 10 foot wall with wooded “steps” and a rope to help you climb it. At this point I was catching up with the heat who had started in front of me and saw a lot of girls struggling with this part. I jumped on in to show them how it was done. Umm, or not. I got to the top but it was not as graceful as I had planned. Minor panic attack when I got to the top and looked down. Tip: Don’t look down.

The next obstacle looked a little¬†crowded, it was the Chaotic Crossover, basically a cargo net that is horizontal that you need to climb across. I did not have a plan in mind for this obstacle so I looked around and apparently no one else did either. I got down on all fours and climbed across (the ropes were digging into my hands and knees and it was not fun), others tried walking across it and fell¬†and some bear crawled across but it took them a long time. Tip: Don’t go across on your hands and knees.


Can you spot me in the middle picture? I am almost down to the bottom.

The picture with what looks likes beams is the Teetering Traverse, one of the easier obstacles…if you have balance. Tip:¬†Don’t fall and be careful because it is slippery. The 3rd picture is something I did not see on the map. Surprise obstacle? I like it! Or I did like it until I realized that the first peg was too high and my little Moja legs didn’t reach ūüė¶ Someone nearby told me I could skip it, I stared at them blankly (Do they not know who I am? I am a Marathon Maniac! There is no skipping in my book). So I stared at the cute boy next to me until he offered to give me a boost. Once I got to the top I realized I had to climb a rope to get down. This was challenging because the rope kept swinging and I was still wet from previous obstacles. Stupid tall people pretty much jumped down, ugh!

Up ahead I saw an obstacle approaching, Black Out, a tent low to the ground that you have to crawl through. Piece of cake, I got this, plus my short size can come into play. But umm holy hot in there. temperature was at least 20 degrees hotter in there. Tip: Keep moving, you do not want to stay in there too long.

Ok now this next part I am not sure if it was an obstacle or just part of the trail run but you run own a really steep hill and walk through chest deep “mud sludge” (waist deep for everyone else). People were complaining jumping in, were they not warned about getting dirty? I jumped right on it and ugh what is that smell? I am 90% sure that it was not just mud in that section. I tried to get out of there as fast as I could, it was gross! Ran through a couple more hills and easily climbed¬†through Arachnaphobia.

At this point I could hear the band playing and the crowd cheering so I knew I was getting close to the end. Finally reached the Cargo Climb and knew my family was nearby, hopefully watching and snapping pictures. I went up and down the cargo nets as fast as I could. Jumped over 2 “raging” fires, no roasting this warrior and jumped into the last obstacle Muddy Mayhem. Muddy Mayhem you have to crawl through for the most part or you will end up getting caught in barbed wire (yes real barbed wire). Tip: DO NOT DIVE HEAD FIRST! There was an injury on Saturday that left some young guy paralyzed!

Moja’s finishing time :36:51, 42nd out of 1057 in my age group. 175 overall out of 5500+

Manchild’s finishing time: 30:00, 28th out of 1051 in his age group. 158 overall out of 5500+

laughingmojaMate warriormudinthepits

My mom and Sister thought it was really funny how muddy I was. Even funnier that I had mud in my ARMPITS!


I swear Manchild was not even half as muddy as I was. I think he skipped some obstacles……


I was curious on how everyone was supposed to clean up after the race. I heard other races had firefighters (hubba hubba) who hosed them down or were provided with hoses. In Michigan the brought in these giant trucks that had water shooting out of them. The water was freezing cold and didn’t do much to get me clean. I was lucky to be able to get my hands clean.


Believe it or not these socks were white at the start of the race.




Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K

After my not so awesome trail race on Saturday morning I had some time to collect my thoughts and then get ready for race number 2 The Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K.

I arrived about and hour before the race and was not pre-registered because I wanted to see how I felt after the trail run that morning. When I got to registration I found out they were out of my shirt size and I ended up with a large race T. It comes down to my knees so it makes an excellent night gown.

I decided to do a short 1 mile warm up since my legs were pretty tired from the morning still. During the warm-up my legs felt like lead. They were very heavy feeling so I decided I would aim to run the 5k in under 23 mins but ideally I wanted to run around 22:30.

Before the race started I ran into Heather, her family and Kali. I have no pictures because the car was parked pretty far away and we were expecting rain so I didn’t want to risk ruining my camera.

When I first arrived at the race it was extremely sunny and barely any clouds out. As it got closer to the start time, you could hear the thunder and see some dark clouds coming in. Minutes before the race started there was a torrential downpour.

As I toed the line, I just laughed at how hard it was raining. I was soaked and could not even look straight without getting water in my eyes. As the gun went off, I took off. However, when I looked straight ahead to run I could not see, there was so much rain that my contact had almost fell out of my eye. I have no idea how it ended up staying in my eye, I was pretty sure it was going to fall out and was just hoping that the one in the other eye would stay put. By mile .5 the contact was back in its normal cushy place and I looked down at my watch to see that I was at a 6:40 pace. Maybe my contact should try falling out more often.

I did not bring my headphones for this race, I am slowly starting to run without them. At least for my shorter runs and races. After mile 1 where I usually slow down I just kept repeating to myself “keep pushing keep pushing” (I’d make an awesome birthing coach) and I held on to a very even pace. For the last mile I just wanted to make sure I didn’t slow down and at least hold onto the pace. The end of mile 3 is slightly going uphill but I tried my best to ignore it and challenged the guy (total stranger) next to me¬†to race me to the finish line.

 He ended up smoking me but I finished with a time of 21:52!!!! WAHOOOO! crushed my goal and ran my fastest time this summer. My PR is 20:57 and I am trying really hard to get that PR this  year.

My time was good enough for 3rd in my age group. Manchild also ran on Saturday and ran his fastest time ever 19:05 and also ended up with 3rd in his age group.

3rd place age group winners!

We got some nice little plaques and also got the visors that you see in the picture. They say “Can You Handle The Heat?”

I had a great time at this race and hope to run it next year. My only complaint is that they had free sno-cones but they were gone after the race so I missed out ūüė¶ I am guessing they packed up and left because of the storm.