Inland Trail 5K

Last year I ran the half marathon portion of this race. They also offer a marathon distance but this year I only ran the 5K. I had originally planned on running the half but decided my IT band just wasn’t ready for that yet.

I have to admit this is a small race and the course is extremely boring, although almost completely flat. The race takes place almost entirely on a bike path so there are no spectators and being a small race you usually end up running by yourself. That is the only bad thing about this race. Other than that this race is affordable, close to home, decent food, massages and pretty sweet shirts.

Loving this shirt!

They bus the half marathoners out and then they run back so I had to say bye to Ryan extra early šŸ˜¦ . The 5K and marathoners start at the same place just 10 mins apart. I was so happy I got to see the marathon start. There were many runners who were registered for NYC who came out to run this race. The top 3 female finishers were all registered for NYC. Pretty cool that they made the best of the situation and got out and ran a marathon. Some of them even wore their NYCM shirts and bibs.

Once the Marathoners took off the 5K started lining up and warming up. Did I mention it was freezing!!! No wind or rain though. I lined up towards the front of the start and waited for the gun. Once we took off I took the lead for the females and 5th overall fairly fast. My goal was to run faster than last week’s time. Last week I had to deal with hills and wind, this week was flat and no wind so it should be an easy goal to accomplish.

Taking the lead early on gave me a few problems, I didn’t know how close the next person was to me, I didn’t have anyone to run with and I didn’t have any competition to push me. I just kept trying to push my pace. Usually I try to pick it up the last mile and it never really happens. This race, I started picking it up at 1.55 and kept picking it up til the finish. I was very close to coming in 4th overall but the guy in front of me got me by 1.5 seconds. Talk about close.


I ended up finishing in 22:40:50, a 7:19 pace (7 seconds fast than last week), was able to place 5th overall and 1st overall among the females. This time is a couple mins off my PR but nice to see that I am still improving since the IT band injury. I made a friend after the 5K so we ran a couple miles and talked about the Boston Marathon and then I made Ryan run a few miles with me when he finished. Total mileage for the day: 9

Shout out to Ryan who was 3rd in the Half Marathon with another killer time. I heard he has a good coach šŸ˜‰

I think the next race on my list is the Turkey Trot 5 Miler. Register before November 15th for the discounted price!

Sorry for the bad grammar on this one, I’m too tired to proofread. Happy Tuesday Everyone!


MidTown Cleveland HealthLine Classic 10K

This was my official first race back and I waited a whole week and a half to even blog about it. Whoops! Bad runner blogger.

Apparently, I registered too late so I didn’t receive this year’s shirt. They did give me one from last year though. It’s a fairly nice wicking shirt, too big like most shirts, perfect for the dudes though.

Race day morning was freezing! Pretty sure it was in the 30s, not what I expect for the beginning of October. I bundled up and went for a warm up anyways. And by bundle I mean, 2 shirts, capris, gloves and hand warmers.

My goal for this race since it was my first race back was to run around 8 min miles. First mile…6:37…oops. I did get better for the remaining miles and was in the 7:30s-7:50s. The whole race was fairly flat and went through some streets just outside of downtown Cleveland. One of those areas where it’s not safe to run at anytime…unless there is a race šŸ™‚

I have to say I was pretty happy with how my first official race back went. I didn’t really know what to expect and was really nervous about my IT band. I ended up finishing in 47:21 a 7:38 pace and 5th in my age group. Normally I wouldn’t care about placing in my age group but check out these awards.

It’s a brick!

Ok, I know to some it is just a brick but I think it is a pretty cool award. Something different than the plaques and medals.

Because this race happened on October 13th, I’ve already ran another race. Hopefully, I get that recap up here soon šŸ™‚



I iced.
I rested.
I stretched.
I foam-rolled.
I got massages.
I coated it in icy hot.
I soaked it in epsom salt
I took Aleve/Ibuprofen etc.

Even though I have done all those things, my IT band is still cranky andĀ I still can’t run. To say I am frustrated is an understatement at this point. I had the best training of my life this year. I was easily headed for a 10+ minute PR and re-qualifying for Boston. (This was supposed to be my BBQ, Bagwell Boston Qualifier). This was my year and all the races leading up to it were proving it.

When I first started having issues with my piriformis, I instantly stopped running.I was not messing around and was not going to risk making things worse. However, shortly after that I started having IT band issues.Ā  I rested some more, but I wasn’t giving up. I had put in a good amount of work and was convinced I could still run the marathon;Ā my goal times could still be reached.

Now that the race is just days away, I realize that I can’t run. I haven’t ranĀ in weeks, and haven’t ranĀ pain free in over a month. I have to make a decision on whats best for me and it sucks. I know running with this pain will make it worse and will put me out of commission for a very long time.Ā  This was an extremely tough decision for me to make.Ā For awhile I told myself that I had to at least start the race and give it a shot. Maybe by some miracle my leg would be ok and IĀ couldĀ run.Ā If I dropped out that was fine but I had to give it a shot. I had to start. However, the reality is that I can’t. My IT band is not better and still needs a few more weeks to heal.


Sad Logo

So this Sunday, when all my friends are toeing the line for one of the biggest races in Cleveland, I will be on the sidelines. This year I will not run the Cleveland Marathon šŸ˜¦Ā I will be somewhere around mile 12 cheering everyone on. I figured this was the best spot so that I could see the full and half runners and still make it to the finish for the marathoners.


If you are going to the expo this weekend, look for The Logo and take a picture and I’ll put it on the blog!

John, Kali and Uncle H with The Logo

Good Luck to everyone racing this year, leave everything out on the course and run a mile for The Logo.

Maybe I’ll even have some #liveclemarathon tweets on Sunday šŸ˜‰



Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Week 17: This Is It!

First, I want to share with you my workout schedule from last week. Still no running but I did do 2 miles yesterday šŸ™‚

Sunday: Swam for 15 mins (it was the saddest swim ever, it’s just not my thing), 1 hour on the elliptical.
Monday:Ā Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 45 mins elliptical, 2 hours of dance practice
Thursday: Rest
Friday:Ā Rest
Saturday:Ā 1 hour elliptical

Total Mileage: Another zero mile week

Now I want to share with you what was going through my head and what level frustration I was at. Yes I have started talking to myself, don’t judge. Not running may be making me slightly crazy. And have I mentioned cranky? pretty sure I have.

Sunday:Ā “Stupid IT band costing me money, not getting any better, not letting me run. This sucks. Can’t believe I couldn’t run the Indy Mini yesterday. Wasted money on traveling and a race that I couldn’t even run. Whatevs IT Band, you suck.” (Frustration level 7)
Monday: “Rest is good for this IT band problem. It doesn’t hurt anymore so it should be ready in time for the marathon. I can do this.” (Frustration level 4)
Tuesday: “I want to punch every healthy runner I see and steal their IT bands so I can run.” (Frustration level 8)
Wednesday: “I am going to my butt voodoo lady today and she will fix my IT band and I will run again and be fine. I will even take it easy when I run, just excited to be running again” (Frustration level 2)
Thursday: “I’m not running the marathon. There is no way I can run it based on my last few weeks. This pain in my IT band is not getting any better, who am I kidding. I’m done. That’s it. Not running this year” (Frustration level 10+)

Ice that baby

Friday: “My IT band feels amazing. I can’t believe it. Can’t believe I was considering not running. Stay calm Jess, don’t get too excited and still rest it just to make sure.” (Frustration level 1)
Saturday: “IT band still feels good, I think I will run 2 easy miles if it still feels good tomorrow. Marathon is only a little over a week away so still plenty of time for rest and a miracle. Hang in there” (Frustration level 1)

This time next week, I hope to be doing the post marathon hobble. I look forward to laughing because I can’t walk up and down the stairs and hopefully writing my recap of how awesome the Cleveland Marathon is.

Who’s ready to run this race? Stay tuned for some weather tips tomorrow!


What I did with my NCAA winnings

Every year I fill out my NCAA brackets and after the first round, I am in the bottom. Every year I say I am going to pay attention to college basketball so that when it comes time to fill out brackets I can make decent decision. Every year I forget or decide that watching x games is more entertaining that college basketball.

This year I filled out 2 brackets and in the finals of both I had Ohio State and Kentucky. In one I had Kentucky going all the way and the other I had Ohio State going all the way. Obviously I didn’t win on the bracket that had Ohio State but I did win on the bracket that had Kentucky!!!!!

Before the final game was even played I knew I was in either first or second and was up against Kimi. It was down to the tie breaker score. First and second place are the payout so I decided that even if I came in second that it was ok to spend the money shopping a day early.

New Shoes!

First order of business was new shoes. My buttĀ has been bothering me and whenever I feel any type of injury I instantly blame the shoes. Also my shoes had over 600 miles and I normally switch them after 500. Problem was I had the hardest time finding a pair of Nike Lunar Glides, in a size 7, that weren’t purple. I hate the color purple. A couple times I was very close to breaking down and getting purple shoes just to have new shoes. Also who decided that purple and green look good together. Always reminds me of Jurassic Park.

So short

The new shoes are Nike Air Pegasus. Which I have never worn but they felt similar to the Lunar Glides, just slightly heavier. Also Heather has the same shoes so now we can be twins!

Did you notice what I was wearing in that picture? I was in need of new running shorts and was looking for a pair with a zip pocket but somehow kept going back to this super cute running skirt I saw. It was pink, had a zip pocket and the built in shorts underneath are neon yellow! The only thing that could have made the skirt any better would be neon green instead of yellow. I love the way pink and green looks together.


The problem now is what color top do I wear? Blue to match the shoes or yellow to match the skirt? Also I had a flashback to high school cheerleading while wearing this skirt. Anyone wear skirts while running? Too girly? At the Akron Marathon last year one of the pace leaders was wearing a skirt….he was a guy. He claimed it was comfy but I have a feeling he lost a bet.


Towpath Half Marathon 2012

I just realized that last year was the first year they ever had this race and I ran it. This year was the second year and I ran it again. So technicallyĀ I have ran every race they have had so far. I kinda like that. Hopefully I can keep that up.

Race morning I decided to grab a banana before heading out the door exceptĀ the bananas were still green so I had to pass. Next idea was a powerbar, except all the ones I had were peanut butter or cookies and cream and I gave up cookies and peanut butter (and everything else) for lent. So I grabbed a Gu to take with me and downed some Powerade before walking out of the house.

Driving to the race I was freezing. In the days leading up to the race I saw highs of 60s, aka perfect racing weather for me. Race morning, 39 degrees šŸ˜¦ I sucked it up though, didn’t over dressĀ and got to the race an hour early to do a warm up. I had to get my 20 miler in on Sunday, 1 mile warm up, 13.1 mile run, 6 mile cooldown.

20 mins before the race I realized I left my Gu in the car and was wishing I had a pair of gloves with me as it was getting chilly. Oh and I had to pee!Ā But with 20 mins before the race there was no time. I decided I would have to stop at a port-o-let during the race. I could have peed in the woods but I have still not mastered that without peeing all over myself.

Race started and I was already planning which one I would stop to pee at.Ā It was all I could think about.Ā I decided I would try and bank some time so that I wouldn’t lose too much time by stopping to pee. First mile was barely under 7 mins. I was hoping to run the first couple around 7:15 so that I could have a little over a min and a half to pee. (don’t check my math, it sounded correct while running).

Towpath Trail

I passed the first potty and decided I would definitely stop at the next one once it got a little uncrowded. And when I got to the next one I kept telling myself I would stop at the one after that. Totally tricking myself. Finally I made a deal with myself that I would pee by mile 10. We went up and over some bridges and as you are coming down, the bridges shake and I thought I was going to pee my pants. Luckily I didn’t. Although it would have made for a good story.

Throughout the race I had to pee so badly that I blew through all the water stops. I didn’t even want to look at liquids. I finally took water when I went through my friends water stop (Beal, Kristy, Matty O and Heather were all volunteering!). Mile 10 came along and I figured I had made it this far what’s 3 more miles. I bet you all saw that coming.

I remembered from last year that there is a hill at the finish, I also remember from last year that the course was a lot longer than 13.1. Luckily this year I looked down at my watch and saw 13.08 and I could see the finish line in sight. I cruised through finished in 1:41:50 a 7:46 andĀ 6 out of 63 in my age group. AND AND AND A NEW HALF MARATHON PR!!!!!!!!!!Ā And I ran the entire race with no Gu. And I didn’t pee. (actually never got a chance to pee until I ran back to the car…a mile down the road).

This year's shirt and medal

My last half marathon PR was from 2008! I came close to breaking that a couple timesĀ last year but finally got it this year. So far I have PR’d in the 5K, 5 mile and now the half marathon. Very happy about that little streak I have going on.

Oh and my butt barely bothered me during the race. I did take it a little easy though. A couple times I wanted to speed up but decided to play it safe for the sake of my butt.

Red=this year shirt. Green=last year

New Tradition: Take a picture of all the shirts from year to year. At least for this race.

Anyone else hold their pee during a race?


RiteAid Cleveland Marathon Week 11: Uh Oh Pain In My Piriformis

Last week I said I was going to scale back a little this week and give my legs a break. By scale back I meant 35-40 miles, not 15! Last week I felt the tiniest little pull in my hamstring. It was weird but didn’t feel like a hamstring injury. By Monday I could feel that something wasn’t right but I wasn’t in pain and could still run just fine. Tuesday I went to run and instantly knew speedworkĀ wasn’t going to happen. The rest of the day Tuesday I was in pain. Pain in my piriformisĀ (buttcheek)

So I took off Wednesday and got a massageĀ but was still in pain. I stretched andĀ foam rolled, rolled on tennis balls and frozen water bottles and still wasn’t better. Friday I was going crazy and having one of those “I will do anything/make deals with the devil to be able to run again”. Some of my running friends were also having problems KristyĀ (buttcrease), John (piriformis) and Paul (hip) and all went to see the same “voodoo” massage therapist. I decided I had to go see her, I would try anything at that point.

So I went to the voodoo butt lady and felt so much better leaving there. Still have no idea what she did. I swear she just talked to my muscles or something. It was weird. Paul explains it a lot better in his post, The hip bones connected to the…

Sunday: 6 miles
Monday:Ā 4 easy miles
Tuesday:Ā Supposed to be speedworkĀ but my butt felt funny so I just ran 5 miles
Wednesday:Ā Rest and a massage
Thursday:Ā Rest
Friday:Ā Rest
Saturday:Ā Rest and Butt VooDoo

Total Mileage: 15 miles šŸ˜¦

The most frustrating thing about this, besides the whole not being able to run thing,Ā is the stretches that you are supposed to do to prevent it I do all the time! And the strength exercises to help it I do all the time!

Good news is the buttcheek is a lot better, still not 100% but I think it will get there soon. I even ran a half marathon PR yesterday (post coming soon)Ā and a couple more miles to get 20 in for the day and it was the best I have ever felt after a long run.

Anyone else dealing with injuries while training? Anyone else impressed that I was able to go so long without running? (I was pretty cranky which is why I didn’t blog last week)